Intel prepares for the launch of Intel Arc A3

Every day that passes it seems more difficult for Intel to present its first dedicated graphics for desktop, the Intel Arc A3 of the Alchemist generation, within the period initially set, the second quarter of this year. The latest rumors in this regard suggest that the launch will be delayed until the middle or end of summer, since even then its arrival on the market will be quite limited, as is the case even today with laptops equipped with the first Intel Arc Mobile, only available in part of the Asian market.

The problem that would be substantially slowing down the arrival of the Intel Arc on the market would not have to do with problems in the supply chain or with flaws in the design or graphics components. The problem is, according to these sources, in the software responsible for the operation of the graphs. A somewhat surprising problem, but which has, at least in principle, a better solution than the previous ones. And it is what makes us still expect a surprise, in the form of the presentation of the Intel Arc A3 during June.

The last sign that points to this direction is found in a tweet from Momomo_usin which it shows a capture of a screenshot of the Intel website, which for a short period of time would have shown information about the Intel Arc A3, thus announcing its arrival. After transcending this slip of communication, said element has been removed from the Intel website, which confirms that its publication was accidental.

We can think that the publication of the web about the Intel Arc A3 was something scheduled a long time ago, according to the original release schedule, and that the lack of control over the web has caused it to be published when it was planned, as it was not postponed. However, it seems more likely that Intel will see the launch of the Intel Arc A3 closer and that, consequently, is already preparing the web for its arrival on the marketwhich in turn could signal that they are already closer to arrival than we initially thought.

Be that as it may, it is clear that Intel can not take long the launch of its dedicated graphics. Both NVIDIA and AMD have already done all the work to present their future generations, the GeForce RTX 40 and the Radeon RX 7000 respectively, and although Intel has managed to generate many expectations with its landing in this market, or manage to gain a foothold in the market , even if it is with the entry level, which is what it is aiming for with the Intel Arc A3, or it can be a bit complicated in the short term.

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