Intel prepares its GPU for mining, will there be stock for gaming?

Mining has become a problem for users of gaming GPUs, since they have absorbed all the demand for them and it is a market with the willingness to pay more, which means higher profits. Since they do not know when this situation is going to end, all market participants want to take advantage of this situation.

In the middle of this situation we have Intel’s gaming graphics cards, the ARC Alchemist, which are not going to save themselves from being objects of desire on the part of those who want to mine cryptocurrencies, either on a personal level or using large farms of mined. However, the creators of the x86 ISA have a containment plan, which would be very different from NVIDIA’s CMP HX, that is, to release their own graphics cards for mining.

Intel confirms graphics cards only for mining

Intel Raja Koduri Hardware Minar

It has been done by the hand of Raja Koduri in an interview where the already veteran graphic architect answered some questions about how Intel is raising its foray into gaming hardware and how they intend to prevent the demand for mining from leaving game fans PC without being able to enjoy the new ARC Alchemist architecture. We have to bear in mind that despite the good name in CPU they do not have it in GPU and they need to occupy space in people’s mental quota, something that mining would not achieve.

Well, on the Intel Gaming Koduri channel it has dropped that they are thinking of dedicated hardware for mining, but that the engineer does not define as a GPU, since it would not run graphics. By the way, we remember that the NVIDIA CMP HX can not do it either as the video output is not blinded. Although from the words of the engineer we can deduce that this architecture for mining would have certain improvements compared to a conventional GPU for the blockchain and configured to be more energy efficient.

What would Intel’s mining hardware look like?

Intel Architecture Xe Hotchips (12)

Koduri’s words remind us of the already canceled Intel Xe-HP, which has been removed from the road maps due to the fact that it ran out of purpose within the product range, since the gaming sector has been left with the ARC Alchemist and in the face of high-performance computing, his bet is Ponte Vecchio.

It should be noted that the Intel Xe architecture is intended to be fully modular, so it would be easy for them to create a version without the fixed-function graphics hardware. Eliminating texturing units, ray tracing, rasterization, and even accelerators like video codecs and the display driver in the process. Instead, keeping the Xe Cores with the computing power intact.

Unlike in games, GPU mining uses the compute pipeline. Therefore, several command lists can be handled. Intel could resurrect the Xe-HP concept with various HBM memory tiles around it. Which has a much higher energy efficiency than GDDR6 graphics cards.

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