Intel prepares its own 8-core and NVIDIA RTX 30 gaming laptops

When Intel or AMD create a new processor, what they do is create reference platforms so that the different manufacturers know under what conditions they have to assemble them in their computers. Let’s not forget that a CPU does not work by itself, but is part of a system. That is why reference equipment is created in the form of desktop computers or complete laptops to test the functionality of the processor and its intercommunication with the different platforms with which it is compatible.

In laptops PCBs are usually created with all the elements that are usually soldered to it, such as the CPU, GPU, VRAM, etc. Which are then sold to manufacturers or assemblers of laptops.

What are the Intel NUC X15 Kits?

Intel has just introduced five new laptop kits, under the common nomenclature of NUC X15. Among the specifications we can find the use of a Intel Core i5-11400H CPU or one i7-11800H with architecture Tiger Lake-H combined with a NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU or RTX 3070. The kit is complemented by three screens IPS different: Full HD at 144Hz, Full HD at 240Hz and 165Hz QHD.

As for the common specifications of the different kits, these are complemented by mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting, wifi 6, Thunderbolt 4, storage support NVMe M.2 PCIe 4.0, 2.5 Gbps Ethernet, HDMI 2.1, 3 ports USB 3.2 type A and one 94 Wh battery. As a common element, the kit is not sold with RAM or storage, leaving this option to the assembler or manufacturer of the laptop. In any case, although these kits cannot be used right out of the box, they make use of SO-DIMM memory slots, so connecting the necessary RAM and storage to them is not a complication.

It is striking that among the specifications you do not see a single SATA port for the communication of an optical reader or a conventional hard disk. And it is that the transition to the use of NVMe SSD in gaming PCs as a standard storage unit continues without any opposition.

Where can we buy it?

Unfortunately these kits not sold by Intel directly to the general public, but as we have said they are for laptop builders such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, Lenovo, MSI and any other brand of gaming laptops. This does not mean that they simply put the RAM and storage in it to sell it under their brand, since more than one assembler will use their own cases and replace certain elements of the Intel kit. by proprietary equivalents.

In any case, it helps us to get an idea of ​​what the gaming laptops that we will see in the coming months will be like, where the CPUs with Tiger Lake-H architecture will be combined with the NVIDIA RTX 30 Mobile GPUs from NVIDIA. Be that as it may, it is more than possible that NUC X15 is the last gaming laptop kit offered by the brand, a GPU from an external supplier, since for next year we expect laptop kits of this type with Alder Lake CPU and a ARC Alchemist GPUs, let’s not forget the NUC 12 desktop kit that will precisely carry a purely Intel CPU and GPU configuration.

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