Intel reclaims the crown: i9-12900K is the new king in gaming

The Intel Core 12 have already reached our hands, you have a review of them on this website, and we have to say that those of Pat Gelsinger have met all expectations. And it is that the performance of the new Intel processors has made it the new king of PC processors.

One of the problems that the lack of competition has is the fact that it causes immobility on the part of the company that benefits from it, innovation is completely stopped and the new products hardly differ from those already launched, total, there is no competition.

This is what had happened to the hare Intel for generations, meanwhile an AMD tortoise was gradually approaching until it surpassed at the IPC level the performance of the processors of the company founded by Gordon Moore.

However, the development of a new hardware takes years and although it seemed that the blue brand underestimated its historical rival, nothing could be further from the truth and the doubts about the Intel Core 12 came from being an architecture developed under the mandate of Bob Swan . We expected that the new CEO’s revulsion would take years to manifest itself as it happened with AMD after the rise of Lisa Su to power, hence the performance of the Intel Core 12 is surprising.

Unanimity regarding the performance of the Intel Core 12

That’s right, in addition to our review of the i5-12600K and i9-12900K, the rest of the specialized press agrees on a common point, Intel has regained the throne in terms of the most capable processors for desktop PCs and has displaced the AMD Ryzen 5000 out of it.

Nucleus Ryzen 5 5600X Ryzen 7 5800X Ryzen 9 5900X
i5-12600K / i5-12600KF + 9.8% + 5% + 2.5%
i7-12700K / i7-12700KF + 15% + 9.9% + 7.3%
i9-12900K / i9-12900KF + 19.9% + 14.7% + 12%

The tables that you see above and below this paragraph that you are reading at the moment are the difference in performance between the Core 12 CPUs and the top architectures of Intel and AMD so far. The way in which it has been obtained has been through the information of the analyzes in various sites and the point of comparison has been to know how they perform in gaming in a comparative way between them.

Nucleus i5-11600K / i5-11600KF i7-11700K / i7-11700KF i9-11900K / i9-11900KF
i5-12600K / i5-12600KF + 17.2% + 11.2% + 5.7%
i7-12700K / i7-12700KF + 22.7% + 16.5% + 10.7%
i9-12900K / i9-12900KF + 28.1% + 21.5% + 15.5%

It should be noted how the i9-12900K / 12900KF stands 12% above in performance over the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and a 15.5% advantage over the i9-11900K / 11900K. In any case, we must emphasize that, as in any other processor, do not expect that from one generation to another the IPC will increase as promised, since this is only achieved through highly controlled synthetic benchmarks.

How will AMD respond to the loss of the throne?

One of the things we are waiting for the next edition of CES is because we want to see AMD finally deploy its Ryzen 5000 XT or Ryzen 6000, depending on what they call them in response to the new Intel Core 12. Whatever they do from the other On the other hand, the reality is that we can say that AMD has been the one that has underestimated Intel this time.

So Lisa Su and her people are in a huge dilemma, the Zen 3 with V-Cache using 3DIC are not cheap or quick to make, but it is at the moment the only thing they have to deal with the Intel Core 12 as the most desired processors by those who seek to have the best PC of the moment in terms of raw power.

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