Intel runs out of rivals in notebook CPUs: + 47% over AMD

There are just a few weeks left for Intel to present its Intel Core 12 for laptops, which will compete against the AMD Ryzen 6000 APUs based on the Rembrandt architecture. So far and despite AMD’s attempts to take over a good part of the laptop market, Intel continues to lead and with the i7-12700H benchmarks, the blue brand seems to revalidate its position in the market.

The market for laptops today is much larger than for desktop computers, not only due to the fact that a greater number of users make them serve them daily, but also due to the fact that if we do not count the gaming market, the margins are much older. Although the market for gaming and portable workstations is also important and that is where the category of “H” processors comes in with consumptions that go over 45 W and with performance of PC Gaming for desktop.

Looking ahead to 2022, Intel’s commitment to the Alder Lake architecture in laptops means an increase in performance and the CPI at the CPU level. Instead, AMD is going the other way and has improved the integrated GPU. As for the memory support it is DDR5. The fact is that for gaming laptops iGPU does not have real importance, since they usually have a dedicated one. So the important thing is the power of the CPU. And what can we expect from the Intel Core 12 for laptops? Well, the i7-12700H has already been tested in benchmarks and we can say that Lisa Su’s have a problem.

This is the performance of the i7-12700H in benchmarks

CInebench R20 i7-12700H Benchmarks

Well, on one of them, as it has been put to the test in the Cinebench R20 benchmark and in both the single-core and multi-core tests. And what results has the i7-12700H obtained in these benchmarks? In the test that measures the performance of a single process and that, therefore, helps us to measure the increase in IPC from one architecture to another, the new CPU obtains 689 points, this represents an increase in 12% compared to i9-11950H. Let’s not forget that Tiger Lake-H architecture is better in that regard than Rocket Lake-S. How does it compare to Ryzen 9 5900HX? The processor with Alder Lake architecture produces a result 21% higher.

Regarding the multicore test, the result obtained is 7,158 points, resulting in a 47% difference in performance compared to AMD’s 5900HX, but we must bear in mind that this CPU, like its older desktop brothers, makes use of heterogeneous cores. Specifically a configuration of 6 P-Core and 8 E-Cores, which provide up to 20 threads of execution, compared to 16 of the 8 Zen 3 cores.

Much more powerful than the Apple M1 Max

Benchmarks i7-12700H Cinebench R23

Another of the i7-12700H benchmarks that has appeared is the one carried out under Cinebench R23 where in the multicore benchmark it has obtained a performance that places them almost 50% additional performance compared to the Apple M1 Max. So Intel is not only going to have a leading CPU in the gaming laptop market, but also in that of content creators who use laptops with high-caliber specifications and whom Apple wants to tempt with its new processors.

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