Intel says that your laptop with a 2-year-old processor is already obsolete

Intel has announced that by the time you are reading this, they will no longer be making their 11th generation Tiger Lake processors, which are geared towards laptops and mini PCs. This news has surprised many, but the company seems to have a clear vision of its strategy. .

And it is that, the new models and the demand for these have caused the production of their 2021 processors to have stopped. This means that the ones on the market will run out soon and therefore buying one of them will be an almost impossible task.

And now that?

Well yes, since June 5 Intel has stopped production of 11th generation Tiger Lake processors Released just a couple of years ago. It is something that has attracted a lot of attention, especially for that very reason, because of its age, since many were even leaving a margin to check its operation and possible failures. And it has hardly given us time to see them at full capacity and Intel is already taking them away from us.

These were geared more towards laptops and mini PCs, and chances are if you bought one recently it came with one of these processors. Well now you have to know that you will be one of the few that have them since they are no longer going to be manufactured and therefore it will be a matter of weeks or months before we run out of this product in stores.

However, if you already have one of these processors, you should not worry. Intel has announced that it will continue to support users of these products. Although the number of users with Tiger Lake processors is limited, the company will not leave them abandoned. They are simply betting on their new technology and more efficient ones.

11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake Processor

Some models can be ordered directly from Intel, which will continue to collect orders until June 30, and will be shipping until 2024. However, it is likely that unless you have to replace one for a specific case of these models, it is foolish to order something that we could consider discontinued. For that it is better to wait for the new ones to be released.

It is a risky maneuver by Intel since these models were being sold quite well since they were practically new, however, if they have made this move it is because they are sure that their next releases are worth it and they do not want old technology in their windows .

For now we just have to wait and see what these next few years surprise us with. What we know at the moment is that one more generation, in this case the 11th, has already died.

Competition in the processor industry is fierce, and we’re sure Intel has exciting plans to stay on top. We will be attentive to the next movements of the company and prepared to tell you about them.

If you plan to buy a laptop, for now we will stick with the 12th generation Alder Lake, but we will not know how long they will last on the market. The same next year is also its end. Who knows.

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