Intel surprises: its TOP graphics card is faster than expected

There are less than 70 days left for Intel ARC graphics cards to see the light -according to rumors- and a new leak of an Intel ARC Alchemist DG2-512 GPU has already been detected in benchmark, within the SiSoftware Sandra database, a popular testing software for computers.

A little less than a year ago, Igor Wallossek, a German analyst, leaked almost all the technical information about the new Intel graphics. Details such as its specifications, and the different versions that will arrive from 128 to 512 execution units (EU) were known. The supposed highest-end model would have GDDR6 at 16 Gbps and a 256-bit bus with 512 EUs.

Intel ARC Alchemist DG2-512


This CES 2022 we were left with the desire to see a presentation by Intel confirming and showing everything that exists about the new Intel ARC graphics cards, but they left us wanting. The truth is that, for its part, little has been known about its first graphics cards and in a certain way it is normal that they keep a certain mysticism in the launch of their new range of products and the first GPUs on their part.

Through the database YesSoftware Sandra a recognized software for testing and testing of components and complete equipment, a new leak has been detected revealing more details and confirming others such as the 512 US used in the Intel ARC Alchemist. As we could see from the information mentioned above, one of the Intel GPU models would come with 512 execution units in your configuration

Intel’s new card outperforms the RTX 3070 Ti

Intel Arc Alchemist 512 EU Sandra

In the GPU information seen in the benchmark we can see that the Intel ARC GPU brings with it 4096 Stream Processors Y 4MB of L2 cache. The speed according to the official website that has collected this test data places in 2.1GHz its Clock in the absence of knowing if it is the base one or the Boost one. Likewise, another confirmed data according to this information would be the 12.8 GB of VRAM collected by the database, although it was known that this model would come with 16GB GDDR6, so it could be a reading error.

According to these collected tests, the Intel graphics card ARC DG2-512 it would be above the NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti being almost 8% faster than Intel’s, it would also be above the AMD RX 6700XT, but immediately below the RX 6800XT. Likewise the Intel ARCDG2-128 gave 2,956.10 Mpix/s in the tests, being a third of what was recently obtained by the ARC Alchemist (9,017 Mpix/s)

The tests were carried out with a Coffee Lake processor and Windows 11. According to the data that we are gradually unraveling, waiting for them to be released imminently, it places Intel in a very good market position. The truth is that this ARC Alchemist graphic would be his flagship and would come out of the base above a NVIDIA 3070TiNow it would only be necessary to know the MSRP of this one to see if it would be a great option or not. So it’s time to prepare to grab a unit quickly as soon as they come out, because without a doubt their 16GB GDDR6 They are going to make it very tempting, not only for players.

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