Intel talks about DDR5 price, scarcity and technology

What is the use of an improvement in a technology that gives them greater performance if they cannot buy it? It is a complicated issue due to the global situation, but although Intel as a large company has not very optimistic sales forecasts due to the data of the attached manufacturers, it decided to move forward and present its bet at the risk that AMD would present its own for only two months after. What does Guy Chalev think?

Arguments or excuses? Intel, DDR5 and scarcity

In an interview with Guy chalev, general manager of engineering and verification of the development of the new Core 12 processors, today we know what the company where he works thinks thinks about this controversial issue and that it still continues and will continue to queue.

Chalev commented that the current situation with DDR5 is inevitable for this and future updates to this technology. Therefore, Intel offers a wide variety of options to its customers with the new Core 12 processors, where the blue giant has very aptly added two IMCs, one for DDR5 and one for DDR4.

The argument continues with manufacturers and OEMs, who according to Chalev can choose to make both motherboards with DDR4 as well as the new DDR5. That is, Guy believes that Intel was right by launching its processors at the right time and therefore if we are consistent with what has been said, Pat Gelsinger’s cannot do anything with the rest of the industry.

Truths and lies about the Core 12 and DDR5


If we heed these statements, Intel could not in any way alleviate the supply of DDR5 as well as its shortage. The fact that there are plates with DDR4 and DDR5 even in Z690 shows that both they and the manufacturers of plates and especially those of memory were aware that the cost was going to be very high and the units were very scarce.

So why force the industry to move where it wasn’t ready? Why haven’t boards with adapters for DDR4 and DDR5 been created so that the user doesn’t have to change the model when the latest ones are already in stock? Well, the reality is that Intel rules and the others follow. It had a disadvantage against AMD and presenting the Core 12 where its rival will present the competition to them was not a good idea, since the new Ryzen are expected to be faster, although by little.

The launch was therefore mandatory as a dissuasive marketing measure that also integrates two novelties although they are behind: the named DDR5 and of course PCIe 5.0. The problem is that both technologies arrive before the market and their manufacturers are minimally ready, it was not necessary and users are not willing to pay what is being asked, therefore the speed to remove the chipsets H670, B660 and H610.

Intel has been the victim of its own strategy and now has to put hot cloths, because Zen 3+ can flush everything made down the toilet and Zen 4 will arrive with the ecosystem of RAM and GPUs with stock and settled, which Intel needed and did not Has got.

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