Intel: the latest drivers improve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Windows 11 and 10

Intel has just published a new series of drivers for Windows 11 and Windows 10. If the previous batch focused mainly on correcting bugs causing in particular blue screens of death, these drivers mainly focus on improving the quality of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless networks.

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While Microsoft and Intel have finally found a way to get rid of DRM problems on Windows 11, the manufacturer has just started the deployment of a new series of drivers. If the previous batch focused on correcting problems and bugs that can cause blue screens of death, the drivers proposed this time mainly seek to improve the quality of wireless networks.

In fact, these are the first drivers to include fixes for the new Intel product category (Wi-Fi 6E AX411). As a reminder, Wi-Fi 6E is the latest Wi-Fi standard based on the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Its primary feature is that it can operate on the 6 GHz frequency band, allowing it to offer greater throughput and significantly reduced latency.

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Intel improves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Windows 11 and 10

Thus and according to Intel’s specifications, the latest Wi-Fi driver for Windows 10 and Windows 11 corrects a bug that could cause Wi-Fi connection timeout. This can happen due to switching of the access point channel. Another bug, which prevented some wireless adapters from connecting to the WPA / AES wireless profile, has been fixed. In addition, Intel has also enabled Windows 11 support in Intel ProSet / Wireless and ProSet / Wireless Wi-Fi software.

These software “are the names of the installation package that includes the Wi-Fi drivers and an application programming interface (API) for system builders to build applications that interact with Intel Wi-Fi cards and the platform ”, can we read on the manufacturer’s website.

Among the other fixes made, Intel fixed an issue with poor sound quality on some bluetooth soundbars and on some AAC headphones (especially with music streaming apps). Now let’s share the full list of Intel Wi-Fi adapters affected by these drivers:

  • AX201, AX200, 9560, 9260, 9462, 9461
  • 8265 and 8260
  • 7260, 3165 and 3168

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