Intel Unison, an application that will simplify the connection between PC and smartphone

Intel Unison is an application developed by the chip giant that aims to facilitate the connection between a PC and a smartphone. Intel’s goal is very ambitious, to take that connection to another level by offering full integration between both devices, so that both can share functions without any problem.

In the end, everything is summed up around the concept of convergence, something that Apple has been able to adopt and implement much better than Microsoft, and that represents a very important value in an era in which the PC shares prominence and importance with the smartphone. With Intel Unison we will have a simple and stable connection and communication process, and once it has been established we will be able to access different functions:

  • Visualization and transfer of files that we can later edit on our PC.
  • It will be possible to access the smartphone contacts and make calls directly.
  • It will also be possible to send and receive text messages.
  • The notifications will also reach the PC.

It’s important to put attention on this set of basic functions could be extended in the short and medium termIn fact, it would be the most normal considering that Intel Unison should receive regular updates to improve and be increasingly competitive. Initially, however, Intel Unison will be exclusive to Intel Evo certified PCs.

It may be that in the future that exclusivity will also disappear and that support will be extended to other platforms, but this is something that I cannot confirm. It only remains to wait and see how this application evolves, and also the reception it has. For professionals I think it is a very interesting option, since it really has valuable functions and can make our lives easier.

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