Intel vPro Enterprise and vPro Essential: Two Pillars of Project Athena for Desktop

Intel has presented today, taking advantage of the CES 2022 framework, the new “non-K” series Alder Lake-S processors, which have the multiplier locked, and also the “F” versions, which bring the GPU disabled, and “T” , which are characterized by offering a very low consumption. Along with this important announcement, which we have detailed in MuyComputer, the chip giant has presented a new initiative Project Athena, centered around the platform Intel vPro Enterprise and vPro Essential, a very important movement whose main objective is to standardize a series of key values.

To standardize those values, you need to create a modern work environment, with new form factors that better adapt to the reality, and the specific needs, of each workspace. This must be coupled with important technological advances that will include:

  • Performance and response improvements.
  • Greater security.
  • Immersion.
  • An improved interface that allows new user experiences to be brought to the desktop PC.

Intel sees innovation as a fundamental factor to achieve transformation, and modernization, of the PC, and with Project Athena the chip giant has focused on four fundamental fronts which we are going to review next:

  • Privacy: with smart block functions that better protect information.
  • Commitment: to shape more immersive collaboration through technologies such as artificial intelligence noise reduction and the simplification of wired connections.
  • preparation: using professional desktops that are designed to automatically detect your presence, and authenticate you automatically, without passwords.
  • Sustainability: with equipment using smaller form factors and more efficient designs, ready to help OEMs meet EPEAT and other environmental responsibility standards.


Hopefully, we will have more information on this new initiative from Intel in the coming weeks. For now, we can confirm that will have significant support at the international levelThe chip giant has confirmed that its products will have the support of more than 140 clients, with such important names as ASUS, Acer, MSI, Lenovo and HP, among many others, and that they will work in more than 30 countries.


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