Intel will launch 2 different lines of GPU for PC: gaming and mining!

The movements are happening and they have to adapt to the reality of the current world, where we are on the eve of CES 2022 and the virus does not give up its efforts through a new variant. This has made Intel make an understandable and protectionist decision for said event, where at the same time it has revealed its strategy for the ARC Alchemist GPU.

Two different movements, the same goal: to be protectionist. Intel has reportedly backed off from being present at CES 2022 and has withdrawn its booth as well as a large part of its workers to protect them from the new wave of infections, while on the other hand the graphics director of Intel released some surprising statements.

Intel and CES 2022

Intel’s withdrawal by storm is not due but to the fact of seeing what is happening in Europe and what begins in the US The pandemic will hit everyone at CES 2022 and although there are even rooms to determine if it is positive or negative in COVID-19, the reality is that until after 4 days there is no more or less reliable result that normally coincides with symptoms.

For this reason, Intel has decided to withdraw from CES 2022 and there will only be a few employees left to remove the rest of the booth, so the conference that appeared to be live will be online. And possibly in record time.

While Intel is picking up everything to rush out of CES 2022 and protect its employees, Raja Koduri has slipped some very interesting statements about what is to come this coming year. First of all, it ensures that the graphics cards have completed the Beta phase, where a few days later the partners have already begun to receive samples and these are being actively tested.

This has nothing to do with the original and final design, if not rather they are two different things and surely they do not look too much alike. The leaks reveal silver heatsinks, but Koduri said he would like a bluish tint better. We will see if Intel finally accedes to the wish of its director of Graphics.

Intel to launch 2 lines of GPU for mining


Although he has not said it directly, Koduri knows that TSMC is not going through its best moment in terms of production and although it is making efforts by way of creating new FABs to increase production, this process takes years to complete. Thus, in order not to collapse the gaming GPU market and let the miners buy all the units, Intel already has a strategy outlined for it: two lines of different GPUs since its inception.

Raja Koduri emphasized the fact that mining is not the main goal of Intel GPUs, so they are going to develop two mining related hardware solutions totally independent of gaming GPUs. Hence earlier statements from a month ago that Intel would not limit mining.

Therefore, there will be two more lines that Intel already showed at the time and they will be specific for mining, as NVIDIA has done with the CMP HX, but from minute zero, so if everything goes as it should, the stock of Gaming GPUs should not be undermined by cryptocurrencies and their mining.

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