Intel will take over several areas of Via Technologies’ dedicated x86 subsidiary, Centaur

VIA Technologies has announced that it has reached a agreement with Intel by what is take over various areas of the company’s x86 research and development subsidiary, Centaur. Under the terms of the agreement, Intel will pay Centaur $ 125 million to keep part of its engineering department and the personnel that work on it. S

Centaur has been a subsidiary of VIA Technologies since 1999, and is the company responsible for designing x86 core components for other parts of VIA, as well as developing its own products, such as deep learning accelerators. Thanks to Centaur, VIA Technologies is the third largest company in the x86 license owner industry. Centaur designs, yes, have never had the adoption of those of Intel and AMD.

Based on what has transpired, the announcement of this agreement leaves many questions in the air. The official confirmation of the deal by VIA has very few details other than the pay price and the fact that Intel is going to pay Centaur basically for the right to recruit members of its staff to start working for them. Despite being the buyers, who are the ones who almost always announce the purchases, Intel has not yet said absolutely anything on their part. You have just confirmed the operation.

Furthermore, the agreement does not include fixed or intangible assets. This has been assured by his own VIA Technologies CFO Chen Baohui. This manager also stressed during a press conference that the transaction could not be considered a sale of either Centaur or its team.

According to Tom’s Hardware, Centaur, and therefore VIA Technologies, will continue to have the right to develop, manufacture and sell x86 processors. It will also keep its patents related to CPUs, as well as some engineers. There will be several of those who work for Centaur in Austin (Texas), who will become part of the Intel staff. But the concern about what will happen to this VIA subsidiary remains clear.

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