Intel, with its drivers, shows how AMD and NVIDIA no longer optimize them

The latest drivers released by Intel offer performance improvement in some games. This, on the other hand, shows how AMD and NVIDIA have “abandoned” their drivers. Although both continue to release drivers, it is increasingly rare to see in the list of “improvements” that have been optimized performance of the games, as he has done Intel.

But be careful, because the data from Intel in terms of performance improvement has its crumb. Intel Arc graphics cards are intended for DirectX 12 gaming, they do not support DX 11 and DX 9 based games. While the games can be run, it is instruction translation, resulting in loss of performance .

Intel takes the colors to the main manufacturers of graphics cards

Recently, Intel has launched the Arc drivers which focuses on the games based in DX11 and DX9. It may seem stupid to optimize games with these types of APIs, but really, the most played games use these types of instructions. To give us an idea, we talk about games like CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL or StarCraft 2.

These new controllers optimize performance for three DX 11 games and eight DX 9 games. Specifically, you get a improvement of up to 80% in these games and up to 130% in 99 Percentile. Come on, we get much more performance thanks to this process.

Here the trick is that, as we said, the Intel Arc does not support DX 9 and DX 11, they only support DX 12. Games with unsupported APIs are executed through a conversion layer. Although it is not specified how it is done, they would be using DXVK technology dand open source.

what it does DXVK is to create a layer of conversion for DirectX 9/10/11 based on Vulkan. Basically this is the same trick that Wine uses, the system that allows run games Windows at any linux distribution.

What Intel would have done is use this tool on Windows and would have optimized it. Precisely, there is the trick of the performance improvement, since would have improved the “translation” process. Something that for practical purposes has allowed a significant improvement in performance in games.

How much damage did the rescaling do?

Although the performance improvement hides a trick, the truth is that it is something increasingly rare. When AMD and NVIDIA release drivers, they add a list of what they include. Normally support for new games and list of bug fixes and known unfixed bugs.

It is starting to be quite rare to find information on optimizations to improve performance in existing or similar games. The disappearance of driver optimizations would have to do with the arrival of NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR. These two technologies allow to obtain more FPS in games, through rescaling.

But the problem is deeper, as games are rarely optimized and are released with huge amounts of bugs. Cyberpunk 2077 was launched being a real botch and something similar happens with Warzone 2. In the end, the lack of optimization of the games means that AMD and NVIDIA do not focus on improving performance, since it requires a lot of time and resources.

Come on, in the end it is a concatenation of lack of interest from all parties that is clearly focused on buying new graphics cards with exorbitant prices.

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