Intel Xeon W-2400 and W-3400: Key Specs

Yesterday the official presentation of the new Intel Xeon Xeon W-2400 and W-3400 processors, based on the Golden Cove architecture and MCM design which we already saw in the Sapphire Rapids. Both are aimed at the professional sector, but the former are aimed at workstations and the latter at servers and data centers.

The Intel Xeon W-2400 series is configured in its base models with 6 cores and 12 threadswhile the top-of-the-range models have 24 cores and 18 threads. There is a considerable difference at the level of raw power, as we can see, although all of them maintain a series of important keys, such as the integration of advanced Intel technologies dedicated to virtualization and artificial intelligence acceleration, DDR5 memory support with ECC technology and Compatibility with the PCIe Gen5 standard.

Intel Xeon 3400

Intel Xeon W-3400 processors are configured with 12 cores and 24 threads in their most basic versions, but they can reach a maximum of 56 cores and 112 threads. As was the case with the lower range, all Xeon W-3400s support DDR5 memory with ECC technology, are compatible with the PCIe Gen5 standard and include the latest Intel technologies for AI acceleration and virtualization.

The performance leap that Intel has achieved with this new generation of processors is very marked, so much so that they surpass the previous generation (Sunny Cove architecture). up to 75%, although the final performance varies considerably depending on the workload we are running. To accompany this new family of processors, the chip giant has also introduced the W790 chipsetoffering up to 16 PCIe Gen4 lanes, integrated Wi-Fi 6E, 2.5 Gbps LAN connectivity, and up to 8 SATA III ports.

You can read all the information in the original article that we published yesterday in MuyComputer Pro. These processors will be available from month of March.

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