Intel’s latest ad shows so-called Apple fanboys fascinated by PCs

Intel video

Intel fight back. This could be the title of the latest promotional video that the North American processor giant has just released. It is clear that one of the most recent announcements of Apple, where the happiness of the users of the iPads was contrasted against the bitterness of those who used a PC, did not make much grace to the leadership of Intel.

And the Santa Clara-based company has just struck back with a new promotional video featuring an alleged “social experiment.” A video where different assumptions appear «fanboys»From Apple looking at the new devices with an Intel processor, marveling at it.

A few months ago we published the news of the launch of an ad for Manzana that he was sure to bring a tail. It featured different iPad and Windows PC users. The former looked free and happy to use their iPad anywhere. The latter, sad and bitter tied to their desktop computers.

And now Intel has launched an ad using so-called Apple users as well. The video is titled “Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment.” In the four-minute video, Intel invites 12 alleged Apple fans to a social experiment. They try to make these users believe that they are showing them new Apple products, when they are really different devices with Intel processors, and they are fascinated by the demonstration.

A supposed social experiment

The video begins by explaining that most Apple “fanboys” only care about products designed in Cupertino, and Intel shows that this is not the case. The so-called Apple fans are brought into a room “simulates” a store Apple Store, creating the impression that they are being shown new Apple devices, when they are really computers and tablets with Intel processors.

The ad is part of the marketing campaign #GoPC of Intel that began last year after Apple announced its transition from Intel Macs to the new Apple Silicon. Since then, Intel has been in trouble with Apple.

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