Intel’s stock heatsink makes less noise with this trick

The most common complaint about Intel’s stock heatsinks, the ones that come standard with their processors, is that they make a bit of excessive noise. However, an anonymous user seems to have found the solution so that the noise of the fan that it incorporates does not end up hammering our eardrums. And this one is much simpler than you imagine: a piece of paper.

One of the novelties that the new ones have brought, the new Intel Core 12 processors, is the use of a new active heatsink for cooling. This was done due to the fact that the previous model was not adequate to cool the new range of processors. Especially because of the rectangular shape and the larger area they have. However, these have a problem in that they need to run at high speeds to keep the processor cool and generate a lot of noise because of it.

And it seems that if we compare the heatsink that comes standard with the i5 and the i9 we can see a small difference that draws powerful attention or at least it has done it to one of the users. And if you look closely, one of them, the one with the most advanced processor, has a blue plastic hood around the fan and on the inside. What has led him to perform a less curious experiment.

How to reduce the noise of the RH1 or stock Intel Core 12 i5 heatsink?

The solution that has been reached is very simple, put a strip of paper in the place where the plastic hood goes in case you have one of the heatsinks that come with the twelfth generation Intel Core i5s. The experiment has been done on a PC equipped with an i5-12400, a motherboard with a B660 chipset, DDR4 RAM and two 120mm fans in the tower.

Stock Intel Paper Heatsink

And what has it been? Well, in trying different strips of paper placed as seen in the image above and the result has been none other than the reduction of total noise. Although this has only been achieved by using a 1-inch-high paper. Which completely reduces noise by 8 decibelsbut instead temperature rises about 5°C. As we make the paper hood higher, the effect is reversed, but the key point is in the 1.7 incheswhere the reduction is 6 dB in terms of noise and the temperature does not increase in the process.

In any case, our recommendation is to always purchase a heatsink much larger than the one that comes standard with the processor, because if it is good, it will not only keep the CPU at a lower temperature than the stock Intel heatsink, but there are also models that they will produce less noise in the process and will be more pleasant for our ears. In conclusion, it is surprising to us that the heatsinks that come with the i5 do not have the internal plastic hood and that today the noise pollution

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