Interactive projection, essential for collaboration without distances in hybrid work environments

In a world that is advancing by leaps and bounds incessantly, the needs and requirements of people are also advancing at the same speed. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen how these preferences, also at the labor level, have taken a radical turn. An important part of the population, therefore, has gone from carrying out their work in offices, to leaning towards more open and flexible working modelswith work days developed remotely.

Teleworking, thus, has become a form of employment commented on and discussed daily in all areas: in the office with colleagues, in senior management or even on radio or television talk shows. A job change, but also Socialwhich has come to stay.

In fact, according to data from the Randstad report on teleworking in Spain, it is estimated that around a third of all employed people in our country do their work from home, a figure that is expected to increase. This is, without a doubt, a factor to take into account in the planning of all companies, who should lead the change and adapt to this new methodology for their teams, as well as play a problem-solving and facilitating role according to the new needs of the socioeconomic context.

For this, however, it is essential to implement spaces that facilitate this collaborative work. That the physical distance between the teams does not pose a problem to interact, create and, especially, connect between people. And technology, without a doubt, is the key prop that allows it. In addition to adapted monitors, tablets or mobile phones, an increasingly essential element in offices are the projectors, the consumption of which has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic. With them, it is possible to establish agile dynamics to hold online meetings from anywhere in the world and promote hybrid work environments.

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Thus, video calls have become the daily life of many people in their work environment. A resource that is also extremely useful to make team meetings, streamline tasks and facilitate understanding from any aspect of the job. In addition, they allow the link and interpersonal relationships between all workers to be kept alive, as well as to create new relationships without distance being an impediment.

That is why, at Epson, we work every day to create technological products that facilitate and encourage this type of human interaction, which is essential for productivity and creativity. An example of this is our range of interactive projectors, such as the EB-1485Fi, which allow you to connect video calls with the highest resolution and image quality. But, in addition, they also include other cutting-edge features, such as direct collaboration or remote annotation on shared materials, or even collaborative learning for remote training tasks.

Thus, for example, these devices allow content to be shared simultaneously. In addition, they also have the possibility to split the screen, fact that makes it possible for the same person to share two different materials at the same time. Likewise, these projectors are also tactile and allow annotations to be made directly on the screen, in an agile and direct way. The interactive projection, then, is a fundamental tool to put the workers who are in the office in contact with those who are not at home.

rattiguesThe projectors they are a new necessity in hybrid environments and have become one of the requirements of many workers. Companies, which in order to prosper must adapt to changes, have in them an opportunity to facilitate interactive, flexible, open work that helps people to more easily combine their work and personal lives.

Roger Artigues, Video Projection Director | Iberian Epson.

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