Interactive series and movies on Netflix, choose the right path!

What does interactive mean on Netflix?

The first thing, and the most important thing, is to resolve this question that surely arises for many of you who are reading this article.

The interactive titles Netflix, which may well be series or movies, are those in which we can choose between different options what happens to the characters. And so we can shape the story on the fly. This means that even, depending on the title we are viewing, we can reach different endings based on our own decisions.

We can reproduce this type of content through our Smart TV, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets or from the browser itself on the computer. We will only have to access Netflix as we normally would and enter them as in any other content.

For identify them Inside the platform you just have to look at the corners of the cover photo. If it includes a kind of spark on a red label, this is an interactive title on Netflix.

All Netflix interactive movies and series

To this day, seeing that the public liked to decide the path that a story follows, the company with the big red N has been expanding its catalog to include all these titles:

If you want to know a little more about any of these contents in particular, then we leave you the synopsis, trailer and some more details about each one of them.

Headspace: Relax your mind

The first interactive content we want to talk to you about is not really a series or a movie. It is, so to speak, some “private classes” of meditation on the part of the platform. If you want to relax, sleep, or meditate, these chapters will guide you through the process.

  • Format: “Serie”
  • Theme: Lifestyle
  • The best: focused on a very fashionable (and necessary) aspect today such as mental health care
  • Worst: it does not stop revolving around a matter that is best dealt with by a professional
  • Link to Netflix

The last geeks in the world: Happy apocalypse!

On the other hand, for the little ones, we have this interactive adventure in which Jack and his friends will have to fight monsters while (with our help) they must make decisions to stay alive.

  • Format: Child’s movie
  • Theme: cartoon with monsters
  • The best: focused on child audiences so that they become better involved in the story
  • Worst: it is a short movie of only 27 minutes
  • Link to Netflix

Mission Safari: Survival is the challenge, the movie

If you like adventure you will know who Bear Grylls is. In this interactive Netflix adventure, the protective fence that limits a sanctuary has been mysteriously broken. We will have to accompany this adventurer to help him rescue a baboon and a lion that have escaped. And also fix the fence before more animals come out.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: adventure, Reality TV.
  • The best: intrigue and action in its purest form.
  • Worst: it is not suitable for all audiences
  • Link to Netflix

Spirit: Riding Free: Horseback Adventures

Ride alongside the horse Spirit in this interactive mission, in which Fortu and her friends must rescue Maricela’s mare. Some thieves have kidnapped her and you will have to make the right decisions to get to her and save her.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Cartoon.
  • The best: relive the spirit of the original Spirit movie.
  • Worst: perhaps it is too childish for what ages.
  • Link to Netflix

Boss Baby: Catch the baby!

This is an interactive adventure in which, embodying the boss baby, we will have to demonstrate our skills to see where we fit in in the Baby Corp company. There are 16 different types of jobs.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Cartoon.
  • The best: If you liked the boss baby movies, this adventure will too.
  • Worst: It is difficult to know what profession you will reach with the answers.
  • Link to Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. Reverend

An interactive special with the characters from the ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ series. Here Kimmy intends to get married, but first she must thwart the reverend’s malicious plans with the help of our decisions.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Sitcoms, comedy.
  • The best: it’s hilarious.
  • Worst: lovers of Christianity may not entirely agree with the content.
  • Link to Netflix

Carmen Sandiego: To steal or not to steal

In this mission you will have to help, thanks to making the right decisions, Carmen Sandiego to save Ivy and Zack when VILE captures them during a robbery in Shanghai.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Cartoon.
  • The best: we can embody the adventures of Carmen Sandiego.
  • Worst: Even if it is a cartoon, it is not for all audiences.
  • Link to Netflix

Captain Underpants’ Awesome Choice-o-Branch

And of interactive specials of cartoon series goes the theme. This, as we told you, is a special from the Captain Underpants series where Jorge and Berto need our help to prevent Carrasquilla from destroying their tree house.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Cartoon.
  • The best: a super fun adventure.
  • Worst: maybe the little ones shouldn’t see it, besides, it’s not too long.
  • Link to Netflix

Survival is the challenge

This is the first interactive series from the adventurer Bear Grylls. Through the different chapters he will put himself in danger in different missions where we will have to help him make the best decisions for his survival.

  • Format: Serie.
  • Theme: adventure, science and nature.
  • The best: lovers of adventure and action will have a great time.
  • Worst: if you’re squeamish, watch out for “food” scenes.
  • Link to Netflix

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

With a theme that follows the trail of the Black Mirror series, as its name suggests, in this adventure we will meet a young programmer who tries to adapt a fantasy novel to a video game. Depending on our decisions, the story will be shaped until it reaches the 5 different endings that this film can have.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Science fiction.
  • The best: the atmosphere it creates is spectacular. Very in line with the original series.
  • Worst: it is difficult to get to all possible endings. For this, more than 300 minutes of footage were shot.
  • Link to Netflix

Survival is the challenge: Mission on the Mountain

This will be the next interactive adventure that we can see on Netflix. Once again, we will accompany Bear on an adventure. After a plane crash, he suffers amnesia and we will be in charge of helping him save the missing pilot and his own life.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: adventure, reality TV.
  • The best: knowing Bear’s adventures, it will be brutal to see him in that situation.
  • Worst: we can’t see it yet.
  • Link to Netflix

Minecraft: Story Mode

An interactive series of one of the games most loved by young people: Minecraft in story mode. Here we meet Jesse, a young man who begins a journey with his friends to locate the Order of the Stone. This is a legendary group made up of heroes who saved the world of Minecraft many years ago and who will be key to preventing the destruction of everything they know.

  • Format: Serie.
  • Theme: Cartoon
  • The best: For game lovers, this adventure is ideal.
  • Worst: it is still a content for children.
  • Link to Netflix

Stretch Armstrong: The Escape

The futuristic city of Charter City is under attack by villains and Jake, Ricardo and Nathan need our help to stop them.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Cartoon.
  • The best: the ideal adventure for those young people who like superheroes.
  • Worst: too childish.
  • Link to Netflix

Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

In this interactive movie we will have to give our help to Buddy Thunderstruck, the most amazing motorized dog of all. We will have to help him win all the races.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: Children’s TV, comedy.
  • The best: the theme is entertaining, especially if your children like to play races.
  • Worst: It is quite a childish content created with puppets.
  • Link to Netflix

Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale

The character of Puss in Boots has been trapped in a magical storybook and, to free him, we will have to guide him through all these adventures of fighting, dancing and much more.

  • Format: film.
  • Theme: cartoons, comedy.
  • The best: embody Puss in Boots.
  • Worst: the duration is quite short.
  • Link to Netflix

My device is not compatible, what do I do?

Currently, according to Netflix’s own official website, the devices that are not yet supported with interactive content are:

  • Apple TV.
  • Chromecast 1st to 3rd generation and Ultra (although Chromecast models with Google TV are supported).
  • The Netflix app on Windows tablets and computers (although you can watch Netflix through a browser).
  • Tesla touch screens.
  • Browsers that use Silverlight.

In the event that your computer presents an error screen when trying to reproduce one of these interactive contents, it is possible that the problem will be solved updating it.

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