Interbrand positions Apple as a brand leader for the ninth consecutive year

The Cupertino firm continues to appear in the first position of the ranking carried out by Interbrand. In this case the list of the best global brands has for the ninth consecutive year to the company led by Tim Cook.

It is clear that Apple has been doing things well for years and proof of this are the figures obtained both in sales and economics. The firm continues to improve year after year and it seems that each day that passes attracts more users in the purchase of products and services.

The top 3 of this ranking are occupied by Apple, Amazon and Microsoft

In the first place of the drawer is Apple, it is followed by Amazon quite a distance and in third place we find Microsoft which overtook Google in 2020 and remains on the Interbrand podium for another year. These three companies account for a third of the total value of this year’s table.

Charles trevail, Global CEO of Interbrand commented on the progress of the brands and especially that of Tesla in this ranking:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the ever-evolving business landscape, employee acceptance, adaptation to change, and a strong customer base have helped certain brands thrive. It is worth noting the growth of Tesla in the past year with a remarkable increase in the value of the brand that is unprecedented in the last 22 years of Best Global Brands. Tesla is ranked 14th this year and is a brand that epitomizes the importance of leadership, agility and brand engagement, so it comes as no surprise that it made the biggest leap forward in the Best Global Brands rankings in 2021. .

Following these three large companies we find an imposing top 1 with Google, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald’s fast food company ranks ninth and finally Disney closes the ranking of these 10 leading companies. The rest of the brands that appear in the Interbrand list can be found on the official website.

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