Internet box. At 10 € per month (instead of 38 €), this fiber is crazy

With a shock offer as part of its “My Fiber Days” operation, SFR gives you access to an internet box at a ridiculous price. We explain everything to you, so do not miss this opportunity.

Having a good connection is essential in 2021. Unfortunately, the budget is often quite heavy. It is quickly necessary to count between 30 and 50 euros per month to have the fiber with a suitable speed. If you want to take a good resolution by optimizing this expense item, we have found a nugget.

For this end of the year, we must turn to SFR. The internet service provider offers a triple-play internet box (internet, TV and telephony) for only 10 euros per month. Apart from this operation “My Fiber Days”, this same box is displayed at 38 euros per month. In short, if you want to save 75% on the price, you have to go for it now.

To discover this flash offer, it’s here:

Discover the SFR offer

To benefit from fiber at SFR, you must first ensure that your home is well connected. To find out if you can claim this internet box with the fiber speed, you will just have to enter your postal address on the SFR site. The ISP has connected more than 24 million households to its network, so it is largely plausible.

What does the SFR internet box include?

By opting for this limited series, you will receive generous treatment from SFR – without breaking the bank. As we said, you will be eligible for an offer that includes the internet box, telephony and a TV decoder. It is one of the most complete on the market and its value for money is irresistible.

Choosing an internet box is above all choosing the speed. With this offer at 10 euros per month, SFR guarantees a speed of up to 500 Mb / s for sending and downloading. Overall, even in a home where you share your internet box with several people, this will do the trick. Whether it’s streaming Netflix on multiple devices or downloading content, this speed is sufficient.

With the decline of fixed telephony in France, SFR has no problem showing itself to be quite limited on this part. You will only have unlimited calls to landlines in France. Other offers also include calls to mobiles and abroad, but this is no longer a decision criterion. The use of fixed telephones is on the decline, the mobile has completely forgotten.

Discover the SFR offer

Finally, the third and last branch of this internet box is the TV part. Despite the rise of Smart TVs, SFR still offers a convincing service since you will receive 160 channels as well as a TV decoder. If you have a Smart TV, you will be able to enjoy services like Netflix, Disney + and others as a bonus if you have a subscription.

In the end, the SFR internet box at 10 euros per month is excellent value for money. You can look all over the place for the competition, no one is doing it as well. This year, SFR has offered this reduction on several occasions and it has always been a great success. No other ISP has ever been able to match the tariff.

SFR Days Box

Things to know about this internet box

What we like about SFR is that it doesn’t pretend on this internet box. You are entitled to a reduced price for the entire first year. Instead of 38 euros per month, it only costs you 10 euros. It’s an immediate saving of 338 euros just over the first year. During this same period, you are engaged with him. After the first year, the normal price is applied again.

Whichever operator you are with, know that SFR is ready to cover your termination costs up to 100 euros. On average, these are between 0 and 80 euros. You therefore have the virtual guarantee of not paying anything by going to him. This migration is done in a few minutes, there is no need to worry. It is the assurance of making a big saving for the new year.

As you can see in our ranking of the best internet boxes, SFR is on the first step of the podium with this offer. However, it already ends on Sunday evening. If you want to reduce your budget on your internet connection, now is the time to do it. If this internet box does not perfectly meet your expectations, there are three other alternatives.

At SFR, we must distinguish two main categories of internet box: those of the Fiber formula and those of the Power formula. The Fiber formula is more affordable and less complete, but it is less expensive. The one detailed above belongs to this category. Clearly, this will still be enough for 90% of French customers.

Then the Power version is more efficient – and you can further boost it with a super-router (Box 8). The price climbs quickly but it guarantees you extreme performance. At the moment, the two internet boxes of the Power formula come with free Netflix for 6 months. This is in addition to the advantageous rate that is already highlighted during the first year. To find out more, the easiest way is to go to the FAI’s website to find out about the three boxes in question.

To discover the range of SFR internet boxes, it’s here:

Discover the SFR offer

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