Internet box. Don’t miss this offer, it’s amazing (-65%)

In a few clicks, you can change your internet box and make a colossal saving. The flash sale displayed by SFR is insolent, we invite you to compare the price with your current subscription.

The French understood that they could easily change their internet box. For a long time, internet service providers made them believe that it was complicated and that’s why few people took the plunge. Today, the procedure only takes a few minutes and can sometimes lead to colossal savings.

Since this Friday, it is the operator SFR which displays a shock price on its internet box. As you will be able to read below, the ISP offers fiber at less than 14 euros per month for the first year (including 2 months free). From a value for money point of view, it’s exceptional: we invite you to compare with your current subscription to calculate the cost difference.

Discover SFR Fiber

The first thing to know is that SFR does not leave you alone in the termination of your current contract. Indeed, the operator undertakes to cover up to 100 euros in termination costs (if such costs were to arise). This allows you to make a transition to its internet box at no additional cost. In addition, he ensures that your box is delivered within 48 hours. You then have 14 days to change your mind.

An internet box at an exceptional price

Whether for mobile plans or internet boxes, operators tend to push you towards their most expensive offers (often oversized). As part of this flash sale at SFR, however, it is in your interest to go for its most affordable formula. Indeed, this will be sufficient for the vast majority of French people. Even if you are in a multi-family household, watching video streaming, it offers sufficiently wide performance.

To come now to the details of this offer, the SFR Fiber internet box provides fiber with very high speed (500 Mb / s download and upload), unlimited calls to landlines in France and 160 TV channels via a decoder TV included. This triple play box is offered at only 16 euros per month instead of the 38 euros which are usually required. As a bonus, SFR is currently offering the first 2 months free.

Discover SFR Fiber

In the end, the first year will therefore cost you 16 x 12 = 192 euros – 2 months free = 160 euros in total. It is therefore approximately 13.33 euros per month that it will actually cost you for this internet box with fiber and excellent speed. Normally, you have to pay 38 euros per month (i.e. 456 euros per year) for this same subscription. This 65% reduction will not go unnoticed: it is a huge success.

From a value for money point of view, this internet box is excellent. You also receive a premium welcome and you can get help in the shops of the SFR agency network. This is not the case for its low-cost brand RED by SFR, which also offers its fiber at 23 euros per month. It is therefore in your interest to opt for the SFR Fiber box above.

We also remember that this internet box comes with a one-year commitment. This is not the case with RED by SFR, but the risk is limited. Indeed, the first year will only cost you 160 euros in total, which defies all competition. If you do not accept the price increase afterwards, you can always cancel so as not to be penalized.

SFR and its XL alternative

For those who have a very intensive use of their internet connection, the SFR Fiber Power internet box may interest them. Of course, there are unlimited calls to mobiles which are also included, of course there are 200 TV channels, but what is especially interesting is the connection speed. Here, the speed goes up to 1 Gb/s for downloading (and 500 Mb/s for uploading), which is overpowering. That said, few French people will have a real need for it.

Discover SFR offers

Whether for the SFR Fiber internet box or the SFR Fiber Power, both can then be enhanced with a Box 8 option. The latter gives you a more powerful router and a better quality TV decoder. This allows you to have a stronger connection speed and a better TV experience (4K HDR Dolby Vision, Alexa…). That said, you have to add 10 euros per month, which is not cheap.

What about the competition?

Among the competition, there are also some internet boxes at advantageous prices. That said, they are not as interesting in terms of value for money as the one presented above at SFR.

The first internet box at a reduced price is that of Sosh. Orange’s low-cost brand allows you to have a fiber connection (300 Mb/s upload and download) and unlimited calls to landlines in France and 100 destinations for 14.99 euros per month. This offer is valid for the first year, after which it goes up to 29.99 euros per month. The TV decoder is not included by default, and it is not possible to go to a physical branch for assistance.

Discover the Sosh Box

At Bouygues Telecom, there is another internet box that is worth a detour: the Bbox Fit. It is the least expensive of the range but it is also the most popular with the ISP. In detail, it gives you fiber with broadband (3000 Mb/s download and 200 Mb/s upload) and unlimited calls to landlines (France and 110 countries) for 15.99 euros per month. It does not include triple-play like at SFR and the speed is lower even though it is at the same price for the first year.

Discover the Bbox Fit

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