Internet box. SFR pulverizes its fiber which falls below 20€ per month

In this month of January, SFR unveils a crazy offer on its Fiber Internet box. If you made the right resolution to save money this year, it’s now or never.

SFR has decided to unveil its offers on its Internet box in parallel with the sales. Simply put, the ISP dropped the price of its entire lineup this weekend. In the lot, we find an excellent formula with Fiber at less than 20 euros per month. These discounts are not eternal, they can disappear any time.

To take an example, the SFR Fiber Internet box is priced at only 18 euros per month. This is the most accessible formula in the range. Above all, its price is 28 euros per month without discount, which means that you save -35% by choosing this subscription.

To discover the box at SFR, it’s here:

See the SFR offer

This Internet box has the merit of being very complete at an affordable price. To date, few competitors are able to compete with this offer signed SFR. The supplier’s other formulas can also present themselves as good options at the present time. In any case, you have to remember not to wait too long to benefit from these premium discounts.

A box with excellent value for money

With SFR, you are sure to find an Internet box that meets your expectations, whether in terms of features or price. Thanks to the current offer, the first formula offers unbeatable value for money. Above all, it is a triple-play offer which includes Internet connection as well as telephony and TV for the same price, that is the whole point of this reduced-rate formula.

As for the famous SFR Fiber Internet box with the Box 7 box, it drops to the price of 18 euros per month for broadband Fiber (up to 500 Mb / s in download and upload), unlimited calls to landlines in France and 160 TV channels with a 4K decoder. No one can do better for the same price, it includes all the expected functions for less than 20 euros per month.

To take advantage of the offer on this SFR Internet box, it’s here:

See the SFR offer

This Internet box can boast of offering a speed of up to 500 Mb/s for uploading and downloading. In comparison, competing offers that come with prices of the same ilk remain limited to 300 or 400 Mb/s. At SFR, you are guaranteed to benefit from a fairly fast connection even if you are several people living in your accommodation. , whether to watch Netflix or otherwise.

The price of this Internet box is guaranteed at 18 euros per month for one year by SFR then it goes up to 38 euros per month. Over a year, you therefore make immediate savings of 120 euros – an amount that you can invest in another expense item with complete peace of mind. As the commitment is also for one year, you can completely leave the supplier when the price returns to normal. The same goes for the rest of the range.

Which Internet box to choose at SFR?

If SFR is illustrated with this Internet box, its range also includes other offers. It is divided into two categories: SFR Fiber and SFR Power. In each of these categories, we find the Box 7 (classic) and the Box 8 (premium). The offer at 18 euros per month is a Fiber formula with Box 7. Regardless of the formula, we remind you that the commitment period is one year.

If you want to choose an even more powerful Internet box, you can choose the Power offer with Box 7 this weekend. It is also displayed at a reduced price with a rate of 24 euros per month for one year for high-speed fiber (up to 1 Gb/s download and 500 Mb/s upload), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder. In short, you have access to an even faster connection for an even greater number of TV channels.

In case you want a really premium Internet box, there is also the Power offer with the Box 8 which drops to the price of 34 euros per month for one year for broadband Fiber (up to 2 Gb/s shared in download and 500 Mb/s in upload), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and 200 TV channels with a 4K HDR Dolby vision decoder compatible with the voice assistant Alexa.

Regardless of the Internet box, we also specify that changing the formula for SFR remains simple. Remember to test your eligibility for Fiber by entering your address on the supplier’s official website before selecting your offer. Otherwise, the whole procedure is done directly online in less than ten minutes.

Also note that SFR can take up to 100 euros in termination fees if you leave your current supplier for one of its offers. This is perfect for making a smooth transition without having to pay additional fees to anyone. Attention, the end of the offers is coming soon, remember to choose your next formula without waiting too long.

To see the Internet boxes at SFR, it’s here:

See the SFR offer

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