Internet cuts this winter, apps to easily find gasoline, this is the recap

The government confirms that there will be Internet cuts during the winter, tools make it easier to find a service station with supplies, telework applications allow your boss to spy on you… welcome to the recap of the standby !

more reliable speed test internet box

Yesterday, the news was unfortunately placed under the sign of the shortage. Power shortage on the one hand, for once, with the government’s plan to cut the Internet overnight. Shortage of fuel on the other hand, with fortunately some solutions to avoid queuing at the service station. Finally, we told you about these very popular applications for work, but which allow your boss to monitor you all day.

The government wants to shut down the internet to save energy

We dreaded it, it should happen: at the microphones of Europe 1, Jean-Noël Barrot, the Minister for the digital transition, affirmed that the government plans to impose on operators to integrate an automatic watch functionality into its boxes. Internet. The ultimate goal is to put devices on standby overnight in order to save energy and thus avoid more widespread blackouts.

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How to stop queuing for gas

While the queues have not yet disappeared at service stations in France, we have recommended some tools that should help you find the rare pearl. Mobile applications or interactive maps, the latter list the establishments in which there is still fuel, as well as the price of it. Indispensable in times like this.

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Beware of these apps that allow your boss to spy on you

No need for monitoring software to monitor its employees: applications such as popular applications such as Zoom, Slack or the Microsoft Office 365 suite are sufficient. Indeed, thanks to these tools used in the vast majority of companies, the hierarchy can check that you attend meetings, the number of emails sent or even, in some, the GPS location during a videoconference call.

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