Internet Explorer will disappear in a few days

No king rules forever. Y internet explorer was not going to be the exception. The mythical web browser, used by more than 90% of users at the end of the 90s, and to which only Google Chrome was able to stand up. This browser did not know how to adapt in time to the changes that the Internet requested and that the users needed, always arriving late and badly. And eventually, that forced Microsoft to clean the slate, launching its new browser, Edge, and deciding it was time for Internet Explorer to pass on.

The latest version of Internet Explorer, IE11, was released in 2013, already 10 years ago. Since then, Microsoft realized that there was nothing to be done with the browser, and that if it wanted to re-enter the web browser market, it needed to start from scratch. It was then that, with the arrival of Windows 8, it launched its new browser, Edge, with its proprietary engine that soon failed. And soon after, finally, the current one arrived. Edge Chromium, which adopted the engine of its rival and, finally, has managed to return to its second position as the most used web browser.

Windows 98 Internet Explorer

Farewell to Internet Explorer

Although Internet Explorer is no longer used, the browser is still installed even in Windows 11. This is because many companies still depend on it to be able to use their intranets. And there are even websites, such as those of the Public Administration, that also work better with this obsolete web browser than with Chrome or Firefox.

But this is about to end. The next February 14, 2023 Microsoft is going to remove Internet Explorer from your browser once and for all. To do this, it will take advantage of an Edge update, which will disable IE11 from all computers where it is still installed and users who try to open it will be redirected directly to Edge.

IE mode, the new temporary patch

Currently almost no web works well in Internet Explorer. The new web standards have made it practically impossible to navigate with this browser. That is why it makes no sense for it to continue working. But Microsoft can’t leave companies in the lurch.

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 11 - 4

That is why the new Edge Chromium introduced a new term known as Internet Explorer mode. What this mode allows is to enter any service or website, from Edge, as if it were Internet Explorer. The classic web browser engine is loaded in the background, the server thinks we are IE, and the compatibility is the same (or almost) as the original browser.

This mode is present in enterprise editions of Windows, as well as those with extended support. But it won’t last forever. Although the support could be extended, depending on the market, initially the company plans to say goodbye to this mode in 2029. There is still time for companies to update their infrastructures and make the leap to the new standards. But, as usual, they sure don’t arrive on time.

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