Interstellar and High Frontier 4 All Module 4: pre-orders open

ION Game Design has opened pre-orders for the Module 4 from High Frontier 4 All, Exodus, and for a new standalone board game, Interstellar.

The latter is a new game created by Phil Eklund with Justin Gray. Let’s go and see what the US publishing house is proposing again.

Interstellar and High Frontier 4 All Module 4: pre-orders open

Let’s start with what we already know: HF4A’s fourth module, Exodus, introduces the ability to trade valuable resources and transport billionaires around the system to the solar system exploration game. Thus, between the journey of a rich man on Mercury and an expedition of medicines on Vesta, we will be able to begin the construction of the interstellar ship Exodus, for the first journey of humanity (and of the players) out of the solar system. This is the fourth module (actually there is also a Module 0, which however is considered part of the base game) for this game, which can be used at will and individually with respect to the others.

With Interstellar, however, the former space engineer Eklund adds a new chapter to his personal version of the history of humanity. According to his vision, in fact, it is possible to play his titles Bios (Genesis, Origins, Megafauna), High Frontier and Interstellar as a single, gigantic game, which tells the evolution of life on Earth from the primordial soup to interstellar travel.

As you can guess, this is an extremely ambitious project, which unfolds through titles that are anything but easy and available are in English; but also in this lies the peculiarity of Eklund’s work.

Module 4 Exodus and Interstellar are also available in the bundle Aim for the Stars, for a price of 69 dollars, to which must be added the shipping costs and taxes. Pre-order delivery is scheduled for June 2022

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