Introducing the new Apple Watch without design change

watchOS 8 focused on sports. Especially to bicycles with a new algorithm that better supports E-bikes. Much better suited for sports and many new features for the Apple Watch 7. With auto stop functions.

The new Apple Watch is much thinner, lighter and bigger and with more luminosity. Dedicated to sports but also to the daily activities that we do every day. The way of answering the messages that come to us has been improved with the possibility of introducing new emojis.

The larger screen shows more content on the screen and has borders that show the clock faces from the sides. The new screen also supports a full keyboard for text input.

With new stronger front glass with IP6X certification against dust, dirt and water. So you can take it anywhere.

With an improved battery It provides up to 18 hours and the charging capacity has been greatly improved. So now the ability to measure sleep has been improved and can be developed more effectively.

Charging has been improved with 33% faster speeds, 8 minutes of charging to last 8 hours of sleep tracking and 45 minutes to go from 0 to 80%. This new charging method will use USB-C and the current magnetic charge disk.

Additionally, watchOS 8 will introduce support for automatic bicycle detection during workouts, fall detection during cycling and workouts optimized for tracking e-bike workouts.

It is also a watch made in 100% recycled aluminum and with new colors.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available “Late this fall” according to Apple, which means there is no exact release date yet, confirming reports of production delays from the past few weeks. At a starting price of $ 399, the same price as the Series 6.

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