Investment in digital marketing supersedes traditional advertising and grows by 40%

Digital marketing has become the key advertising tool to increase the visibility of online businesses, after the growth of digitization and new consumption habits. Digital commerce wants to attract new consumers through digital advertising strategies.

This trend is also taking place in the Spanish market and more and more users are betting on this method of purchase. Specifically, according to IAB Spain, this paradigm shift has caused investment in digital marketing in Spain to increase by 40.7% in 2021. This situation can already be considered a consolidated reality since, since 2016, investment in advertising digital It is superior to the investment in television advertising.

In this context, it is necessary for companies to pay attention to what it is and how a digital marketing strategy that suits their needs should be implemented. However, it is common for doubts to arise about what is the best strategy to follow, in which department it should be implemented or if it is a service that can be managed en casa or requires the hiring of a specialized agency.

In this sense, XChannel, the first company in Italy specialized in cross-channel marketing strategy with a presence in Milan and Barcelona, ​​has carried out an observatory on the current revolution in communication and marketing between companies from which they ensure that the best option before this situation is to hire the services of an agency. “The agencies have people specialized in specific fields of digital marketing and communication and this allows them to offer a plurality of specialties and professionals that would be more expensive to maintain within an internal department”, declares Alice Casolo, marketing strategist at XChannel.

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Why Digital Marketing?

Digital consumers use the internet and social networks to make all kinds of prior inquiries regarding the purchase of a product or the hiring of a service. It is right there where it resides the importance of digital marketing. “If companies have a good online presence, develop a coherent strategy, correctly manage Social Networks and participate in their community, they will increase the number of potential customers”, Alice Casolo, Marketing Strategist at XChannel.

Along the same lines, Alice assures that “A good digital marketing strategy allows companies to control the information on the internet about their service or product and encourages consumers to access the content that most interests the brand in question”.

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