Invite your friends to the HP Instant Ink service and both of you will get three months of subscription

A part of our readers already enjoy all the advantages offered by the HP Instant Ink service, and it is clear that they don’t want to go back to the past. It’s completely understandable, since their HP Instant Ink subscription allows them to enjoy a number of unique advantages that have allowed them to forget forever about the classic problems of ink-based printing.

With the HP Instant Ink service, ink is no longer a burden and we can finally really enjoy our printer, without having to limit ourselves when it comes to printing for fear of spending on ink cartridges, and we won’t have to waste time going out to buy new cartridges either. All this is possible because:

  • When we sign up for HP Instant Ink, the printer automatically controls the ink levels, and will request new cartridges when it detects that the ones we are using are low. We won’t have to worry about anything again.
  • It will send us the ink cartridges that we need at home, and without shipping costs. No more wasting time going to the store.
  • We will be able to print in color at the cost of black and white, and with HP Instant Ink the ink consumed does not matter, only the pages that we print. Thanks to this we can save up to 70% on ink.
  • We will have total freedom to change plans as many times as we want and adapt our subscription to our needs.
  • We will be able to take care of the environment by recycling all the ink cartridges that we spend through the recycling program included in our subscription.

All of these advantages perfectly define the value that HP Instant Ink offers, and are the reason why its users consider it a five-star service that they highly recommend to their friends and family alike. HP is aware of this, of the importance of “word of mouth”, and to thank its users for the trust they have placed in HP Instant Ink, it has reactivated the campaign “invite a friend”That will allow us get months subscription to this service.

How to get months of HP Instant Ink subscription by inviting a friend or family member

It is very easy, although you must bear in mind that you must be registered with this service, otherwise you will not be able to generate the necessary link for both of you to benefit from this promotion.

If you and your friend are thinking of signing up at the same time, it is essential that one register first to be able to invite the other later and thus get those months of subscription. Once one of the two is registered with HP Instant Ink, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • you have to share with your friend your referral link, which is a unique referral link found in your HP Instant Ink account. You can share it unlimitedly, so take advantage, you could get many months of subscription.
  • When your friend or family member signs up for HP Instant Ink, you will both get three months subscription. If more friends or relatives join by following your link, you will continue adding three more months for each one.

Those months of subscription will allow us fully enjoy all the benefits offered by the HP Instant Ink service, and we will not have any type of commitment. We will be able to choose any of the five available plans, and when they end we will be able to change plans, both up and down, since we will not have no kind of commitment. These are the plans that are available:

  • 10 pages per month for 0.99 euros: You can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 50 pages per month for 3.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 100 pages per month for 5.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 300 pages per month for 11.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 700 pages per month for 24.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 15 pages for one euro.

If you have any kind of doubt you can leave it in the comments and we will help you solve it.

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