Invoxia unveils its dog collar, a neat idea!

It is not just humans who are affected by the various innovations presented at CES in Las Vegas. Our four-legged friends are also entitled to their connected products, like the smart collar unveiled by Invoxia.

This is the main challenge for pet owners: understanding the grievances of their four-legged companion. Invoxia wants to give dogs a voice with a collar that promises to revolutionize the health and safety of canines. During CES 2022, which is in full swing in Las Vegas at the time of writing, the brand unveils the many features of its Smart Dog Collar which offers a 360 ° view of canine health.

Anticipate pathologies

With age, dogs develop serious illnesses that are often difficult to detect in time. To allow regular monitoring of the animal’s health, Invoxia integrates sensors and radars, associated with specific algorithms, to reassure owners and help them determine when a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. Among the fields of action of the Smart Dog Collar, we find among others the monitoring of cardiac and respiratory activity resting. This is all crucial information for monitoring post-surgical recovery, for measuring the effectiveness of treatment or simply for detecting chronic breathing difficulty.

The Smart Dog Collar is equipped with miniaturized radar sensors which detect micro movements of the skin and, thanks to AI, dissociate parasitic vibrations to provide information on the dog’s normal condition. It is particularly suitable for medium and large dogs, even when it sports a thick coat.

dog collar health tracking
Credit: Invoxia

Activity monitoring

Invoxia also promises a regular monitoring of activity of our animal friends, especially the phases of sleep, running or the number of meals. This should in particular make it possible to detect a loss of appetite or even a decline in vitality more quickly. For Amélie Caudron, CEO of Invoxia, this is a way for the firm to continue the efforts that the firm initiated in 2018 with its Pet Tracker.

“With Smart Dog Collar, we go one step further by providing essential information on their heart health over time. We are confident that the large amount of data collected over time will open new doors for research into the correlations between vital signs and disease. ”

Also a solution for runaways

But the scope of the Smart Dog Collar does not stop only with monitoring health data, since it also promises to make life easier for owners of runaway dogs. Combining Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE-M network, the Smart Dog Collar makes it possible to locate the animal in real time in the event of a runaway, loss or theft. GPS tracking provides access to the history of positions, but will also send an alert in the event of an escape. Thanks to an audible signal, it will be possible to precisely determine the location of the animal, if it is hidden under a car for example.

The Smart Dog Collar will be available later this year, in the summer of 2022. It will be available in several colors from 99 euros. It will nevertheless be necessary to take out a monthly subscription to benefit from all the functionalities, for the moment estimated at 12.99 euros.

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