Ion, an artificial intelligence, appointed adviser to a prime minister in Romania

Artificial intelligence seems to be advancing by leaps and bounds in recent months and it is that the news that an AI has been appointed adviser to a prime minister is surprising. Despite the fact that it seems like something out of a movie, this has happened in Romania, although the question that many people are asking is why? Artificial Intelligence may help Nicolae Ciuca better than a human being.

Ion, the new AI that will help Nicolae Ciuca

Ion is the name of the Artificial Intelligence that has been appointed advisor to Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca. In fact, this AI introduced itself at a press conference, announcing that his role would be to represent the prime minister. The eyes wide open and the looks of surprise did not wait. Well, this marks a before and after that can lead to using AI in many other facets.

Its function is key and it is that it has been designed to collect the opinions of citizens who reside in Romania to advise the Government through the comments they leave on social networks. This can be very positive, due to the fact that it brings the complaints or impressions of ordinary people closer to the prime minister. However, it will be up to you to follow what information the AI ​​provides you.

The truth is that listening to the opinions of all the people residing in Romania and transferring them to the Government can have good results. However, it will be necessary to verify in the long term if this Artificial Intelligence is being useful or, really, it does not report any difference. The expectations are quite high, but this news is still too recent to draw any conclusions.

Despite all of the aforementioned, it seems that there are certain doubts about the use of this Artificial Intelligence. Well, it worries that it is not known too well if the collection of opinions and their interpretation is partial. Likewise, citizens still do not know what are the criteria that determine the operation of this AI. All this begins to generate many doubts and questions that must be resolved.

For now, all residents in Romania will be able to interact directly with this AI through a website. In it they will record their opinions, complaints and suggestions that Ion will collect and transfer to the Government. It is expected that in the coming days there will be much more information regarding its operation and that transparency is an aspect that will be resolved as soon as possible.

What other governments are using AI?

There are other governments that are also using Artificial Intelligence for their own interests. An example is Finland which since 2020 and with estimates of ending in 2022 worked on the development of AuroraAI. An AI designed to offer citizens personalized services, such as offering them possibilities to find a job in a public or private company that fit their profile.

However, Artificial Intelligence has not always been used for good purposes. So, the Government of Venezuela would be using AI to misinform, generating videos with news that are false. This does not do Artificial Intelligence any favors, which can be viewed with some suspicion, when you can really take advantage of it, as Romania is doing specifically.

We will have to see how Artificial Intelligence contributes to Advise and bring citizens closer to the Government. The fact that in Romania all the opinions of the citizens are going to reach the Prime Minister is undoubtedly a huge step forward. Thus, the decisions that are made may be much better founded, although we will have to wait to see the results that Artificial Intelligence promises.

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