iOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2 now available with significant improvements

After the launch of its final betas last week, the arrival for the entire public of iOS 15.3, iPadOS 15.3, macOS 12.2, and watchOS 8.4.Versions that are also compatible with the same equipment that already had compatibility in previous versions. And although they are few versions of novelties, the truth is that they bring important improvements to take into account.

Updates with very important security patches

If there is something that Apple is concerned about, it is the privacy and security of its equipment, so they always try to correct all vulnerabilities in the shortest possible time. And that is precisely what has happened now, since for a couple of weeks it has been known of a security flaw in safari that was affecting both iPhone and iPad users as well as Mac users.

This failure in question was caused by IndexedDB, a Javascript API used by some web pages and that was allowing them to access recent browser activity, as well as the profile picture that the user uses on Google. A problem that, although it is true that it does not interfere with payment data or the like, is already relevant enough. And it does not matter to indicate in the settings our desire not to be tracked in the browser, since this vulnerability completely ignored this configuration.

Therefore, if you want to maintain private browsing according to your preferences, it is highly recommended to update the devices as soon as possible. As is always the case, in these first few minutes of launch it is likely that the download will be somewhat slower due to the saturation of the servers, so if you experience problems at this time, we advise you to try doing it after a few hours or even tomorrow. In any case, try not to let too much time go by without updating.

It should be noted that these versions come loaded with other security patches and performance improvements that have not been specified for now, but that will surely guarantee a better functioning of the equipment. In watchOS 8.4 specifically, fixes an issue that caused some Apple Watch had problems chargingerror that several versions were already dragging and that it seems that it has finally been completely fixed.

“Heavy and light” versions for what we expected

Although it sounds contradictory, these software versions come with a very high weight in GB for what are usually the intermediate versions of iOS, macOS and company. However, it is also noteworthy that despite this they are very few versions in terms of Visual and/or functional novelties. In fact, there is no relevant news in these areas.

It must be said that it is September when more news usually arrives in those sections, but it is no less true that in versions like these, some relevant novelty is always introduced. In the case of iOS and iPadOS we already had them in 15.2, but it sounds strange that in macOS hardly anything has been introduced and more when it follows waiting for universal controla functionality announced in June and that will allow you to control an iPad and a Mac simultaneously using the keyboard and mouse of the latter.

mac ipad universal remote

In any case, we remember that there are still months to go for iOS 16 and company, so it is more than likely that in these months intermediate versions will arrive in which more relevant changes are introduced at the visual level. Therefore, we will continue waiting to be able to analyze everything and tell you about it so that you continue to be up to date.

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