iOS 15 fixes one of the worst iPhone camera glitches

What are stray lights

Stray light is defined as all light entering the lens of a camera in an uncontrolled manner. A phenomenon that, although it may have a creative part that is interesting on specific occasions, usually poses a significant problem because it generates a series of flashes, flares, halos and even orbs of different colors that annoy the final photograph.

Regarding how all this occurs or what is the reason that causes the stray light, it must be said that there are several, but always when there is a strong light that falls directly on the objective. If it is somewhat dirty, it does not have a sun visor, it uses poor quality filters and some other case, then it ends up appearing.

That is why it is important to take care of the lighting sources of a scene when we are going to take a photograph, although sometimes even doing so they appear despite the fact that in the preview we do not appreciate any problem.

The iPhone and the “Green Orbs”

In the image above you can see the green orb. In the one below, already processed with the latest version of iOS 15, it disappears

The iPhone has suffered from stray lights and Green Orb throughout different generations, becoming a very annoying problem. Especially for users who were unaware of this problem, it became frustrating because paying what an iPhone costs and seeing that green or other colored orbs appear in the photos left them with doubts about whether or not the camera could be defective.

Well, Apple in the latest beta of iOS 15 has introduced a improved image processing which allows these defects to be eliminated via software. This has been verified on Reddit and that the person responsible for the development of the Halide application has then shared it again for everyone to know.

iPhone 12 Review

This solves an annoying failure in the iPhone camera that, as we said, has accompanied its users for several generations of the product. Now it only takes the algorithms and analysis that the processor software performs to improve and learn how it is created and how it can be efficiently removed no matter where it “falls” in the final photograph.

There will be situations where, due to its similarity to the background or object on which it appears, it cannot be removed, but if it does disappear in a high percentage of forums, it will be enough. Of course, this may reignite that debate about who is truly responsible for good photographs: the user or the software that processes and interprets the scene as they think it will be more attractive.

At this rate, computational photography will be so powerful that it will even determine the most attractive frame for any scene. So you just have to open the camera app, shoot and let the software take care of everything.

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