iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Developer Beta 2 Now Available!

When everything seemed to indicate that the Cupertino company was going to delay the launch of the second beta of its new operating systems, yesterday Wednesday those users who have a developer profile on their devices received notification that they could already install beta 2 of their corresponding teams. Keep reading that we tell you everything below.

The beta 2 of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 does not come alone

Obviously, Apple has not only released beta 2 of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, but also that of the rest of the operating systems that mount all its devices, that is, the second beta of watchOS 9 and that of macOS Ventura can also be installed. therefore, it completes the entire update cycle of its devices a second time.

The great novelties of these operating systems have already arrived in the first beta, however, surely in this second Apple has been able to introduce some novelty at a visual level that we will get to know as the days go by. What will also have to be checked is how it improves, or worsens, the stability and operation of the system with this second beta. With the first one, the vast majority of users were very satisfied with its performance, which is surprising considering that it was a first beta, so we hope that in this second one, at least, that good experience will be maintained. bringing iOS 16.

Despite this, there have been several users who have reported some problems when using their devices with these betas. For example, with iOS 16 there have been some problems with AirDrop, as well as with the iPhone’s own microphone when sending audio messages through messaging apps. The battery issue has also affected some users, although we repeat, being a beta 1 it is completely normal that there may be these small errors, which Apple will want to polish with this second beta and subsequent ones.

Is it worth installing these betas?

However, let’s remember that betas are really made so that developers are able to provide feedback to Apple so that the official launch of these operating systems is completely polished and, then, yes, these updates are fully recommended on all devices.

iPhone 13 in hand

Therefore, if you are a user who had not installed beta 1 of any of these operating systems, our recommendation is that you do not do it with this beta 2 either, since it is possible that the operation of your computer, whatever it may be, but especially if this one has already been on the market for a few years, it is diminished, this being something completely natural and normal when talking about operating systems in beta. Now, if you have a secondary device, and you are also curious and want to try the new features that iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS have, installing it on this device could be a good idea to get rid of that bug and thus be able to discover First-hand all the news that Apple is including.

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