iOS 16: impossible to edit or delete your messages with a user under an old version

The ability to edit and delete sent messages is one of the most anticipated features of iOS 16. However, Apple was careful not to say that it does not work at all with users who do not have not installed the update. Indeed, if you try to modify a sent message, it will receive a second SMS.

Among the many new features that will arrive with iOS 16 is the long-awaited possibility of editing and deleting Messages after sending. While some applications are still resisting, such as WhatsApp, most popular messaging systems already offer this feature. Suffice to say that this update is therefore welcome for all users. However, this imposes some limitations.

In theory, the functionality would like that, in the 15 minutes which follow the sending, it is possible to edit or delete the message without the recipient noticing it (in the event that he has not yet opened the conversation). In fact, this is only the case for users themselves on iOS 16. Indeed, all those who have remained on an earlier version of the OS will receive a second message.

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Editing Messages only works on iOS 16

Thus, if you edit a Message sent to a user on iOS 15 for example, this one will receive the modified version in a separate Message, thus removing all the usefulness of the functionality. In addition, this second message will even be assigned the mention “Modified”, for some obscure reason since it will be visible to say the least. It is not yet known if Apple plans to fix this problem.

The first public beta of iOS 16 will be available during the week of July 11. You can then test this feature and all the other new features for yourself, provided that your iPhone is compatible. The final launch, meanwhile, is scheduled for this fall. In fact, remember that editing and deleting messages only works for iPhone conversations, and is not available for those with an Android user.

Source : 9to5mac

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