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There are still a few months left for the official presentation of iOS 17, the future version of the iPhone operating system, which except for surprises will be announced and shown for the first time at WWDC 2023, which will take place next June, with specific dates yet to be determined. Like every year, shortly after that presentation, Apple will begin to release the first preview versions of iOS 17 to developers, so that they can adapt their apps to what is to come.

As for its final version, the one that will reach all users who can update to it, we can also take it for granted that it will take place in parallel with the arrival of the future iPhone 15 on the market, at some point in September, around ten days after they are presented at Apple’s traditional back-to-school event, near the end of summer. Only once, in recent years, has there been a change in this regard. You will surely remember it, it happened in 2020 and it was, of course, as a result of the pandemic. Since then, however, Apple has regained regularity.

Thus, although we can already take the calendar for granted, everything we can know about the future version of the operating system comes, as is also usual, from rumors and leaks, more or less reliable depending on their origin. . And of course, like much of the news related to Apple for this year, the news revolves around the virtual reality headset that, according to more and more forecasts, will also see the light during WWDC 2023. In this regard, iOS 17 is not an exception.

As we can read in HowToiSolve, iOS 17 will not arrive with major visual changes, but with news in its “guts”. The main novelty of this operating system will actually be the virtual reality viewer management app, which will function quite similarly, including the app store, to that of the app to manage the Apple Watch. We will still have to wait to see the possible interactions of the viewer with the apps installed on the iPhone, something that we can understand should arrive on the device from day one.

Otherwise, the medium talks about improvements in performance and stability of the system which, although it is not specified what they will consist of, is supposed to offer a better user experience for the iPhones compatible with this version, although the improvements will probably focus especially on the iPhone 15 and other more recent generations. I’m not saying that the older ones will necessarily be left out, but most likely they won’t benefit as much from these improvements.

We will also find new features in the access app to Apple Musicin the geolocation service find my, the mail application will be simplified and the Reminders and Files will be improved, although it is not clear how. We can also expect minor changes to the Fitness and Wallet apps, in this case related to the Apple Pay Later service.

As for what the OS leaks tell us about the next-generation iPhone, it appears that iOS 17 is designed to run on six Dynamic Island-enabled devices, two of which are the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. already available. Therefore, it seems that the next four models of iPhone 15 will feature Dynamic Islandin what will mean the end of the iconic notch that accompanies Apple smartphones since the iPhone X.

New iPhone 15s running iOS 17 are expected to have a USB-C port, although the difference will vary by model. In the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus we will find a port with USB 2.0 speed, while the Pro and Pro Max will be much faster, thanks to the fact that they make the leap to the USB 3.2 standard.

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