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The Shortcuts function is one of the functions that Apple released a few years ago, but it has not been able to reach all users and it is not very well known. However, it has some very useful features that can make you get much more out of your iPhone. In this post we leave you some of these functions related to listening to music.

Apple Shortcuts is a very useful application, but one that is unknown to many users. For these reasons, it is worth highlighting some of its featured features. For example, enjoy your music in a different way. All thanks to a simple shortcut that is already configured at the factory, and you only have to start it up.

ios shortcuts

The best shortcuts for music

If you want to start using Shortcuts, a good way to start making contact can be with the shortcuts created for music. They are simple and you can configure them in a few steps. This way you can access your songs, play games and interact with the Music app. Here are some of the shortcuts you can do:

  • Music to wash your hands: from Apple Shortcuts you can accompany your hand washing with music. with the shortcut Music to wash your handsyou will start the playback of a song at random from those you save in your Library during at least 20 secondsLong enough to wash your hands.
  • Music Quiz: With the Shortcut music contest you will be able to recover this game that came in the first iPod models, which is programmed through 46 different actions. Basically they will sound songs that you save in your Library. You will have to guess which one it is. To do this you will see several options that include artist or group and name of the song. You will have to press the correct option. The game consists of five rounds, but you can configure it to your liking before activating it.
  • Shazam shortcuts: is one of the most practical applications, since it detects almost all the songs that are playing and allows you to create a playlist with songs discovered on television, on the street or in the cinema. Being an application purchased by Apple, Shazam allows you to directly add the detected songs to a playlist of Apple Music. You’ll find this option in the Shazam for iOS settings. If you are a Spotify user, in that case, either create the playlist manually or go to apple shortcuts and, specifically, to the shortcut Shazam to Spotify Track.


  • Shazam Shortcut: By default, when Shazam detects a song, it saves it to its history and, if enabled, adds the song to a playlist of Apple Music. But with the shortcut Shazam shortcut you can do more things, such as automatically play that song once discovered and even share it on social networks or with other applications. You can customize the shortcut on your own.

These are just some of the shortcuts you can do with your iPhone and the music app. Keep in mind that it is intended for the Apple app. If you’re using another music app, you’ll need to find other shortcuts if they’re available.

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