iPad Air 5 creaks

Not even a week since Apple launched the new fifth-generation iPad Air on the market and the first defects and complaints about the construction of this device have already come out. According to some users, this model has a problem in its construction, especially if you compare it with the iPad Air 4. We will tell you everything in this post.

iPad Air 5 Case Issues

Last friday march 18 It was the day chosen by the Cupertino company so that all the users who had reserved the iPad Air 5 had it at home or could go to the different Apple Stores to pick it up to start enjoying it from the first minute. However, many users took a surprise something unpleasant as soon as you open the box of this new iPad and take it in your hand.

It has not been a single user thing, in fact, here a server who is writing these lines experienced and experiences the same problem since the same Friday. This stems from the fact that Apple has made the back of this much thinner iPad than many of us would like, but above all, it is noticed by those people who already had an iPad Air 4, iPad Pro or another similar model before. And it is that when holding the device in the hand, with little that you squeeze the back part, this creaksand you really don’t have to do a lot of force to notice it.

In fact, there is already a thread on Reddit where numerous people have entered to explain the situation and the experience they had as soon as they took the iPad Air 5 out of the box. They all agree on the same thing, their feeling is that the back of the device is too thin comparing it with the rest of Apple equipment, which above all tend to give that feeling of robust and well-built products.

Does it affect the use of the device?

Surely many users are wondering if this can lead to a long-term problem that affects the user experience and, above all, the way they are going to perform it. Well, at first it’s just a problem that can affect sensation that you have when holding the device with your hands, that is, fortunately for all users who have bought this iPad Air 5 and those who have it in mind to buy it, this will not cause the equipment to malfunction or that have some limitation when it comes to covering the uses and needs for which it has been acquired.

iPad Air 2022

However, it is undoubtedly striking how a company like Apple has decided to carry out this movement, since if something characterizes the teams of the Cupertino company it is that they always have a impeccable construction and manufacturing materials. In addition, considering that the iPad Air is not exactly an entry-level device in which Apple has to cut back on features to make it cheaper, it is very striking that they have decided to make such a thin case. Despite this, it’s nothing alarming and really when you’ve been using it for a few hours you get used to it and stop worrying, being able to focus on enjoying all the benefits that this Apple tablet has.

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