iPad keyboard comparison: Logitech Combo Touch vs Magic Keyboard

With Apple’s Magic Keyboard, design is one of the aspects that most highlights, since it makes the iPad practically float, in fact the part that is usually supported by all keyboards, with this one is completely in the air. In addition, the thickness is very small, giving the impression of having a very minimalist device, with high-quality premium materials.

Regarding the design, another point that we have to mention is that both have the same options when choosing the Colour of the keyboard. On the part of the Logitech Combo Touch, you have available the finishes Oxford Gray and Sandwhile the Magic Keyboard is available in the colors black and whitewhich are totally in tune with the rest of the Cupertino company’s products.


The main attraction of these two keyboards is, without a doubt, the presence of a trackpad. In fact is the differential element compared to the competition and what makes these devices really special, since having a trackpad makes many users associate the iPad even more as a productivity element, just as if it were a laptop.

As for the functionality or the type of trackpad that each of the keyboards have there are hardly any differences. Both have a reduced size, that is, it is not the trackpad that the MacBook Pro has, for example, but it is also adapted to the type of device that it is going to complement. But above all, and the main value provided by having a trackpad for the iPad is to be able to use it to navigate more comfortably when using a keyboard, that is, not having to touch the iPad screen while you are writing. In addition, as we have mentioned, it also helps many users feel more attracted to the idea of ​​using the iPad as a productivity element.


Although the element that makes these keyboards different is the trackpad, something that we cannot overlook is the type of keyboard that these devices have. Both have a keyboard with scissor mechanism that offers a fantastic user experience, with an ideal travel when pressing the keys that favors comfortable typing and great speed. Both keyboards also have a feature that is always highly demanded by users, and they are the backlit keys to be able to work in situations where light is scarce.

Logitech Combo Touch function keys

Also, if we talk about the keyboard, we have to mention one of the advantages that the keyboard has. Logitech ComboTouch with respect to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, and it is that this first one has a row of function keys, just like Magic Keyboard for Mac has, but Magic Keyboard for iPad doesn’t. In this way, with the Logitech keyboard you can use common iPadOS functions through shortcuts, such as going to the home screen, modifying the brightness of the keys, multimedia controls or even locking and unlocking the screen.


The way to connect the keyboard to the iPad is one of the differences that you will find between these two devices, but the reality is that it is something that will not affect the experience that users will have with one and the other. On the part of the Logitech keyboard, it uses the technology Smart Connector to perform the pairing, without you having to touch anything at all. You just have to dock your iPad to the keyboard, and you can start using them together.

On the other hand, the mechanism that Apple uses is a magnetic mechanism, and in the same way that happens with the Logitech keyboard, just by placing the iPad on the keyboard, you can start using it without any problem. In addition, in this case it should be mentioned that this way of attaching the device is somewhat more comfortable, especially for users who want to be taking it out and putting it on continuously, since you only have to magnetize it so that it is well fixed to the keyboard.

Other aspects to consider

We have already told you about the most important points of these two keyboards, for which they can be considered the best options for any user who wants to get the most out of their iPad together with a keyboard. However, there is also another series of features that you have to take into account and that add to the positive experience that they offer.


Something for which many users opt for the iPad as a productivity device is because of the great versatility it offers, since it really is a product that can be adapted to a huge variety of uses and needs, perhaps as many as users want to give it that opportunity to the iPad. For this reason, it is very important that these two keyboards also know how to adapt in the same way to the different needs that people may have.

Magic Keyboard white

And it is that in this aspect we can say that we are before two completely different devicessince one of them focuses on offering a truly premium keyboard, which is very versatile to be used as a keyboard, but another one goes a step further and also gives users the opportunity to adapt it to different situations and needs.

The first one we talked about is the Magic Keyboard, which is capable of adapting perfectly to the different positions in which a keyboard can be used. However, in versatility it wins by far the Logitech ComboTouchsince it has up to four different modes of usetaking tremendous advantage of all the possibilities.

  • writing modein which the keyboard is perfectly attached to the iPad, with it in a vertical position, is the most common way in which a keyboard is used.
  • display modesince the keyboard can be undocked and the folding support can be removed to watch movies or any audiovisual content without having to hold the device.
  • draw mode in which you can fully extend the flip-up stand to have the ideal angle for taking notes or drawing.
  • reading modein which you leave only the cover to be able to enjoy the iPad in your hands without having much weight.

Uses Combo Touch

battery consumption

A fundamental point in all devices is the battery, and although there are no differences between these two keyboards, there are mixed feelings about how to obtain energy. The positive part is that you will not have to be aware of loading neither device. This is due, and here comes the least pleasant part, and that is that all the energy they need when you are going to use them is taken from the iPad itself.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that the autonomy of your iPad will decrease when you use one of these two keyboards together. Now, it is not something that is really very worrying either, since the consumption that both keyboards carry out is minimal and will not mean that you have to constantly be aware of your iPad’s battery.

Compatible iPads

A very important aspect, especially when it comes to users being able to use these two keyboards, is the iPad models that are compatible with them. Unfortunately, not all available iPads can use these two keyboards, so here is the list of those that do enjoy this compatibility.

  • iPads compatible with the Logitech Combo Touch
    • iPad Air (4th generation)
    • 11-inch iPad Pro (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation)
    • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation)
  • iPads compatible with the Magic Keyboard
    • iPad Air (4th generation)
    • 11-inch iPad Pro (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation)
    • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th and 5th generation)

iPad + Magic Keyboard


We have reached the end of this comparison, and something that is vital when users can opt for one of these two keyboards is the price that each one of them has, since after all, everyone wants to have a device that has a good quality / price ratio. Let’s start with the Logitech ComboTouchwhich has a cost of €199.99 on the official Logitech website.

On the other hand, the price of Apple Magic Keyboard is considerably higher, reaching €339 on Apple’s own page. Without a doubt, the difference is very large between two keyboards that have quite similar features, but that have certain key points that users will have to assess when purchasing one or the other.

Which is better?

Once we have already told you about all the features, compatibility and price of these two fantastic keyboards, it is time to give you our personal opinion, that is, the point of view of the writing team of La Manzana Mordida. But before that, we encourage you to be yourself or take care of it yourself, in this case, make your own decision taking into account the needs you may have when using your iPad.

Logitech combo touch

For us, the product that attracts the most attention is the Magic Keyboard, because of its design and how well it works with the iPad. However the Logitech Combo Touch In addition to being a cheaper product, it also offers more possibilities of use, so surely for a large part of the users, this is the best choice they can make. Now, if you are clear that the keyboard is only going to be used to write and use the iPad as a productivity element, it is surely worth paying that price difference for the experience offered by the Magic Keyboard.

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