iPad mini, why is it a good option for you?

One of the iPad models that has always been highly criticized and, above all, questioned about its meaning within the entire range is the iPad mini. Well, with its recent renewal in 2021, many more users have acquired it, so we want to tell you the reasons why you should consider the iPad mini as your next iPad.

Reasons to buy the iPad mini

If this iPad model stands out for something, it is because of the size that it has, which is really small, making it made for a very specific audience that has very specific needs. The fact of being a small device means that there are two points that play completely in its favor. The first of them is portabilityit is an iPad that is made so that users can take it anywhere, it can even fit inside a pants or jacket pocket, making it an ideal option to be able to use it on the move, either by the street, in the subway, bus or anywhere.

Another advantage that comes from size is comfort when using it. It is not an iPad that is designed to work with it, but is much more focused on being able to use it in leisure time to play games, view multimedia content or even read. Therefore, those dimensions that it has make it much easier for users to pick it up and much more comfortable than other alternatives. But beware, despite the fact that it is a small device, this does not mean that it is not very powerful, since it has the A15 Bionic chipwhich is the same one that the iPhone 13 mounts today. This means that in terms of power, this iPad is fully capable of offering you great performance and experience when carrying out practically any task you want to carry out.

One of the novelties that this new iPad mini has brought is the compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2nd generation, something that, without a doubt, adds a lot of appeal to users who may consider their purchase. The main advantage of this compared to its predecessor, the 1st generation Apple Pencil, is that it remains completely magnetized on one side, so transporting it next to the iPad is a comfort, but it also charges whenever it is magnetized, for what will be strange that at some point you are going to use it and it does not have a battery. In addition, given its size, the Apple Pencil is the ideal accessory for all users who want to use it as a digital notebook, making use of the multiple applications to take notes that are compatible with the iPad, as well as to be able to edit those photos that you have taken with your camera or with your iPhone.

iPad mini size

Finally, something that every potential buyer of the iPad mini has to take into account is that it has USB-C connection, and that means that you will be able to connect many more accessories than you could previously. In this way, the possibilities of the iPad mini are multiplied, since you can use different microphones together with it, connect hard drives, memory cards and endless accessories that become compatible thanks to the presence of USB-C.

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