iPads and Macs with an OLED screen become clearer thanks to Samsung

The two manufacturers should once again collaborate to bring OLED to iPad and Mac. And that will probably happen very quickly.

Apple and Samsung are head-to-head in major segments of consumer electronics. From smartphones to tablets via computers, these two giants are among the benchmarks on the market and Samsung has more than one string to its bow. The South Korean group has numerous subsidiaries and has established itself as one of Apple’s main component suppliers. Samsung is notably the main supplier of screens to the Apple brand, since the latter turned to OLED for its iPhone. Specialist in the manufacture of OLED panels, the South Korean company has a certain know-how that has not escaped the teams of Tim Cook. Despite repeated efforts to find other vendors like LG Display, Apple still relies on Samsung’s technology.

A story that should repeat itself when bringing OLED to iPads and Macs. The website The Electric claims that Samsung has started developing OLED panels with two emissive layers to supply Apple. A major turning point which would first concern certain iPad models, before integrating the technology into the iMac and MacBooks.

Why does Samsung’s involvement change things?

The two-layer structure developed by the South Korean giant would respond to the name of “T Series” for Tandem. This approach, also called double-stack OLED, has the advantage of doubling the brightness of the panel and quadrupling its lifespan. Above all, it would meet the requirements of its Apple customer who thus wishes to correct the drawbacks of OLED. This technology has a shorter duration than the LED and this can pose a problem if the Californian firm uses it in a tablet or a computer.

Aware of the difficulty, Samsung had initially indicated that it was not ready to develop this screen of a new kind. Mentioned in 2021, such a project has a higher cost than producing single-layer screens. Far from waiting for the level of quality desired by Apple, the first OLED panels from Samsung were discarded by the Cupertino company. The latter preferred to delay its project to integrate OLED and turned to Samsung Display’s great rival: LG Display.

Ready to provide OLED screens to iPads in 2024, LG has pushed Samsung to review its priorities. Even if Cupertino remains mysterious about its project, it is not surprising to see the firm behind the Galaxy S come forward. Apple is a major customer and it is interesting for a supplier to position itself.

OLED screens from 2024 at Apple?

always according to The Electric, the calendar foresees the arrival of OLED screens in 2024 on iPads. Samsung’s panels will be aimed at tablets, as well as laptops and the automotive sector. We can therefore expect MacBooks and the iMac to also make a transition to OLED in the years to come. While waiting for a complete switch to OLED technology, Apple continues to bet on the Mini-LED.

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