iPhone 13: price, release date, design … an update on rumors

It’s September, which means Apple will be unveiling its new iPhones soon. The next one should be called “iPhone 13”. What do we know about this future range? This year, Apple seems to have succeeded in stemming potential leaks. We have gathered the few rumors that hang out on the internet.

We are September 7, 2021. Usually, by this date, we already know everything about iPhones that are about to be unveiled by Apple in its annual back-to-school conference. Except that there is a small anomaly for the upcoming range: the rumors have been particularly timid in recent months. This point can mean two things: either the Cupertino company has finally managed to plug the leaks, or there is no major revolution to be expected from what we could call iPhone 13.

Anyway, despite the shortage of components, which continues to slow down some industries, Apple should soon introduce the successors of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. While waiting for their formalization, we take stock of the few information – which remains to be confirmed – on these iPhone 13 planned for this end of the year.

IPhone 13 rendering // Source: Twitter EverythingApplePro

An iPhone 13, mini, Pro and Pro max range in sight?

In 2020, Apple added a new format to its catalog: the iPhone 12 mini model, with a 5.4-inch screen. We expected a hit but, obviously, the figures are not as good as expected (production has even already stopped, according to a TrendForce article published in June). Will this disappointment push Apple to review its copy to refocus on a range with three inputs? No, according to MacRumors.

The range would therefore be drawn as follows:

  • iPhone 13 mini (5.4 inch)
  • iPhone 13 (6.1 inch)
  • iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7 inch)

The name also raises questions: what if Apple instead called its iPhone 13 the iPhone 12s? This tweet published on September 4 seems to show the packaging of the official silicone cases. And we can read iPhone 13.

Finally a thinner notch for the iPhone 13?

If some thought that the iPhone 13 could be called iPhone 12s, it is quite simply because there would be no revolution to expect on the design side – something Bloomberg was already blowing last January. The same month, Macotakara evoked an almost similar look, symbolized by popular flat slices. Only the thickness could be different: it would increase slightly.

On the other hand, the iPhone 13 could finally sport a less imposing notch on the front (it has not changed since the iPhone 10). This indiscretion is signed Ming-Chi Kuo and it is corroborated by other sources (example: DigiTimes). Images circulating on Twitter show what the new, narrower notch could look like.

There is also the question of colors. On this point, Apple has gotten into the habit of offering a lot on normal models and a little less on Pro references. The multinational also loves to offer a more exotic color each year (green in 2019, blue in 2020).

More autonomy for the iPhone 13?

To animate the iPhone 13, we should find an A15 in-house processor (successor to the A14 Bionic). This chip should allow iPhones to be even more comfortable running increasingly demanding applications. We remind you that, on the processor side, Apple does not make any difference between its iPhones (read: the Pro do not have a component of their own).

On the autonomy side, we can hope for increased performance. In an article published in June, The Next Web mentions larger batteries for the entire range: 3,095 mAh for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro (compared to 2,815 mAh), 4,352 mAh for the iPhone 13 Pro Max (versus 3,687 mAh) and 2,406 mAh for the iPhone 13 mini (versus 2,227 mAh). Please note, an increase in capacity does not necessarily translate into an increase in autonomy.

What improvements for the iPhone 13 on the photos side?

The photographic equipment would remain broadly unchanged: still 2 sensors for the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini (wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle, which could be arranged diagonally), and 3 for the Pro versions (a telephoto lens in more). The main sensor would be larger to improve rendering in low light according to Ming-Chi Kuo. Also mentioned is the integration on the sensor of optical image stabilization for the cheapest references – a feature now reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

As for LiDAR, it would still be exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro (source: MacRummors).

The iPhone 12 Mini // Source: Apple

A 120 Hz screen for the iPhone 13?

For a long time, it was believed that Apple would offer the 120 Hz display on its iPhone 12 range. The functionality was finally delayed and, logically, it should appear on the iPhone 13. This could explain the larger batteries, which would then respond to the increased energy consumption. Korean media The Elec was already talking about it in December 2020. It remains to be seen whether all iPhone 13s will be affected or whether Apple will reserve 120 Hz, which guarantees better fluidity, for the Pro versions.

The other big news could be the feature, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman always on, which allows you to keep part of the screen on to display certain information (example: the time). It has been on Apple Watch for two generations.

According to MacRumors, Apple would have tested a Touch ID technology under the screen for the iPhone 13. It should ultimately not be part of the characteristics of the final product, which would still rely on Face ID for the unlocking of the screen. .

Two other possibilities should not see the light of day anytime soon: see Apple abandon the Lightning connection and, by extension, imagine Apple offering an iPhone without any port. Improvements are nevertheless expected concerning MagSafe (which allows charging by magnetic induction).

What will the price of the iPhone 13 be?

Apple is not expected to change the price list for the iPhone 13 range, which should start around 800 euros (mini) and exceed 1200 euros for the Pro Max.

When is the iPhone 13 released?

The presentation of the iPhone 13 range is expected for the month of September (Tuesday the 14th according to hallway noise). The launch would take place immediately, knowing that the shortage of components could have an impact on the schedule… and the quantities.

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