iPhone 13: prices collapse in Japan, Apple prevents tourists from enjoying it

Due to the historic fall in the value of the yen in Japan, the prices of the iPhone 13 have melted on the Japanese archipelago. Indeed, the bill is reduced by an average of 200 dollars. In fact, tourists do not hesitate to rob Apple Stores to get iPhone 13s at a lower price. Apple has decided to react to stem this phenomenon.

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As you may know, iPhone 13 dominates the smartphone market. As the best-selling device in the world, it arouses covetousness and consumers do not hesitate to use all possible tricks to buy an iPhone 13 at a lower cost. In France, the iPhone 13 is available from 909 €which represents a substantial investment.

The fall of the yen, a boon for tourists

However, some users have decided to combine business with pleasure. Against all odds, thejapan has recently become the country where the iPhone 13 are the cheapest in the world. The reason ? The historic fall in the value of the yen, due record inflation of 2.1%propelled in particular by the effects of the war in Ukraine and the pandemic (as well as the rise in energy prices).

This Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the Japanese currency lost 18% of its value against the dollar since the beginning of the year. This is the highest level for 24 years. To sum up the situation, one dollar is 136.70 yen. In fact, and thanks to this advantageous exchange rate, foreign tourists are able to get very good deals in Japan, including on new iPhone 13s.

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An iPhone 13 at €690 instead of €909

Indeed, with the fall of the yen, American and European tourists flock to high-tech products in Japanese stores. I have to say that the prices are significantly lower than those practiced on these markets. To give you an idea, an iPhone 13 128 GB costs 98,800 yen, or 690 € ! We are far from the 909 € requested by Apple in France.

Unsurprisingly, tourists have been robbing Apple Stores across the country. Unfortunately for them, the party is coming to an end. Apple has decided to take measures to stem this phenomenon. The apple brand has canceled the tax rebate granted to foreign buyers. In fact, tourists can no longer benefit from tax advantages when buying a new iPhone 13 in Japanese Apple Stores.

However, it should be noted that this policy only concerns the stores of the American giant. There is always room to take advantage of the yen’s poor health to buy iPhones or other smartphones at a lower cost from other retailers in the archipelago.

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