iPhone 13 SE: This is what the smallest member of the family could look like

Just a couple of days after the launch of the new iPhone 13, the next generation of iWatch, Airpods, and of course, the recent arrival of the operating system for mac OS Monterey computers, in addition to the iOS 15.1 update for Apple smartphones, new rumors arrive about the design of the supposed iPhone SE, the most little of the family.

Last year, the company in Cupertino revived the concept of iPhone SE, a smartphone that has been designed with those people who want to enjoy the Apple operating system along with some of the features offered by their devices, but without paying extras.

Now we know that the new member could be closer and closer to arriving. New rumors suggest that it would be called iPhone SE Plus, it should be noted that normally when a device Manzana the name carries the Plus, it is because there is an increase in size, all this in relation to its screen, this casts doubt on the veracity of the rumor since SE devices normally present a reduction in size, and not the opposite.

Other details that are mentioned is that it would include a new processor, in addition to the 5G capability, the classic Touch ID button among other improvements.

More rumors …

This is not the first time that someone mentioned the existence of a new iPhone SE model. DigiTimes pointed out that this new Apple device would be produced by Xintec, which would include A14 Bionic chipset, which would mean that Apple’s new “cheap” device it could have 5G connectivity.

The rest of the characteristics of the iPhone SE 3 would remain the same as in its predecessor, with 4.7 inch the notch on the front screen and buttons on the sides.

The supposed arrival of the new iPhone SE It is scheduled for 2022, so it will be necessary to be aware of all the official information from Apple or if there are other rumors that deny this information about the arrival of a new iPhone SE.


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