iPhone 14 Pro: double screen perforation?

Although rumors of the entire next generation of iPhone are already reaching us, It seems that the iPhone 14 Pro is the one that is arousing the most interest and, therefore, about the one that more rumors are reaching us. And it is understandable, since since the arrival of the Pro version, this version, and especially in its Max variant, has become the great object of desire, even eclipsing part of the notoriety of the standard version of the iPhone, which Still, it’s still top of the range.

The latest development in this regard is, however, somewhat surprising, and is that it would mean a change in design that, except for a few, no one would have expected. according to a theory made by EverythingApplePro, Apple could have found an exotic solution to remove the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro, an element that we know is not liked at all in Cupertino, but that would still allow the Face ID authentication system to be maintained, thus avoiding having to go back to Touch ID, another option that has also been on the table for a long time, but that does not seem to convince the company so much.

As we have already told you on occasion, Face ID is a fairly complex system, made up not only of the camera, it also integrates other essential sensors to ensure proper operation of the same in multiple circumstances, in addition to providing the necessary security so that it is not possible to deceive the system with tricks, such as showing a printed image of the owner of the phone. And so, what solution have Cupertino thought of for the iPhone 14 Pro?

Well, according to this striking rumor, the solution would be to remove the notch and, for these elements, add two perforations on the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro. And why two? Well, because in reality, current technology does allow part of the elements necessary for Face ID to be found under the screen. With this format, only part of the system components would show through these perforations, located at the top of the screen, and the rest would be hidden under it.

iPhone 14 Pro: double screen perforation?

This would be, however, a temporary solution. It is known that Apple has been testing for some time to be able to place the front camera under the screen, and it is most likely that, if this rumor is confirmed, well remember that we are talking about a rumor, it will also be carrying out tests to be able to mask behind the screen the rest of the components that, to this day, still cannot be located there and, at the same time, offer the current level of security. Thus, the iPhone 14 Pro would mark the beginning of the transition from the current notch, to a future model in which we can already enjoy Face ID without notches or holes on the screen.

Personally, I must say that aesthetically it baffles me a lot. It is true that the two perforations “steal” less space from the screen than the notch, but on the other hand, the notch seems to be a more integrated element in the design of the phone than those two asymmetrical holes in the middle of the screen. I’m having a little trouble imagining Apple putting two holes in the middle of the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen… except actually, I’d also have a hard time imagining Apple putting a notch at the top of the screen, and yet here we are.

Images: EverythingApplePro

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