iPhone 14 Pro: perforated screen, dual front photo sensor … the design change is confirmed

The design of the iPhone 14 Pro is confirmed again. According to a leaker, Apple has decided to slip the sensors necessary for Face ID in a hole in the shape of a pill. Could the Cupertino giant integrate a dual photo sensor into its future high-end smartphones?

iPhone 14 – Credit: Front Page Tech

Shortly after the release of the iPhone 13, a myriad of information about the future iPhone 14 appeared on the web. According to the leaks, Apple would finally drop the notch. For the first time, the manufacturer would house all the sensors needed for Face ID facial recognition to work in a hole in the screen. This is notably stated by Ming Chi Kuo, famous financial analyst, and Mark Gurman, a reporter at Bloomberg.

As announced by several reputable sources, this design change would be reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the two most premium editions of the future range. For their part, the more affordable models should again be content with a shortened notch, similar to that of the iPhone 13.

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A dual photo sensor for the iPhone 14 Pro?

While the keynote is only due in a few months, a leaker called DylanDKT corroborated the latest leaks on his Twitter account. “I am able to corroborate the information regarding the perforated camera of the Pro models of the iPhone 14. The hardware for Face ID will be placed under the screen”, explains DylanDKT in a tweet. Without surprise, how TrueDepth sensors work does not have “Been negatively affected by this change” of design, says the informant. FaceID should work the same as on previous models.

According to the leaker’s information, the hole in the screen is in the shape of a “pill”. Typically, elongated, pill-like punches are reserved for terminals that house a dual frontal photo sensor. Asked by a user on Twitter, the informant clarified that the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro is not marked by a simple hole.

We therefore imagine that Apple could include two photo sensors on the front of his iPhone to ensure better selfies. For their part, the sensors for FaceID would rather be housed under the screen rather than in the cavity. While waiting for official information, we advise you to take this information with hindsight. However, the informant has already stood out thanks to information which has subsequently corroborated itself, concerning for example the latest MacBook Pros.

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