iPhone 14: rumors, design, notch, release date of the next Apple smartphone

The iPhone 14 will probably not be released until the end of 2022, but there are many rumors already circulating about Apple’s smartphone, which is said to be experiencing a possible overhaul that is bigger than the latest devices. Be careful, this information must be taken with a grain of salt.

Rarely do rumors start to emerge about a smartphone when its predecessor hasn’t even been released yet. Yet that’s what happened with the iPhone 14, which experts and observers started talking about even before the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro went on sale.

One of the main reasons is the magnitude of the information leaked: if it turns out to be true, these rumors would confirm a sudden turnaround for Apple, with big changes in the functioning and the aesthetics of its smartphones.

We have gathered here all the leaks and hypotheses raised around the iPhone 14. This article is updated regularly according to the new information published – however keep in mind that we are talking about rumors here, and that it is therefore necessary take each of them with great care while waiting for the officialization of Apple in several months.

To wait before the release of this new model, you can consult our guide to the best Apple smartphone to choose in 2021 (iPhone 13 Pro? Mini? SE?) To make the most informed choice possible.

No more notch, hole in the screen … all the rumors about the iPhone 14

The notch on the front would disappear on the iPhone 14

What if the iPhone 14 no longer had a notch? This is the biggest rumor that has spread since early September 2021, and has continued to gain momentum since.

It all started on September 8, when professional influencer / leaker Jon Prosser posted a video in which he talks about the iPhone 14. We see images that are not official photos: the youtubeur asked Ian zelbo, a designer, to create designs from information that a source has given him.

Mockup images invented from alleged iPhone 14 leaks // Source: frontpagetech / Jon Prosser

The biggest surprise of this potential leak is obviously on the front of the theoretical iPhone: there is no longer any notch. However, this black bar has been the trademark of Apple smartphones since the iPhone X in 2017: it brings together all the hardware technology that makes Face ID, the facial recognition system, work.

To do without this ” notch Would be a radical change for the iPhone, but would involve a lot of technical work at Apple: a way would have to be found to keep the power and efficiency of Face ID, without its sensors taking up so much space at the front of the computer. ‘device. The most instinctive solution would be to pass the sensors under the screen, but no information has yet gone in this direction.

What the notch hides on the iPhone (X to 12) // Source: Apple

A hole in the screen

If Apple has managed to reduce its width on the iPhone 13, however, the notch is still an unsightly element on a screen that would readily dream of “all screen” (but is not). It is not amazing to imagine that the firm of Tim Cook seeks to get rid of it in order to be closer to what its competitors offer, such as, for example, a “hole in the screen”.

The existence of this hole on future models of Apple phones is a rumor that has been hearing about for a while in the tech world, as it has been carried since March 2021 by Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, one industry analysts most followed on Apple rumors. He recalled it again in a brief MacRumors obtained in September.

An iPhone 14 mockup without notch, by Apple Lab // Source: Twitter / Apple_Lab

A “new design” for the iPhone 14

Barely three weeks after these first leaks (again and still in the state of rumor, let us remember), it is Mark Gurman, the journalist specializing in the tech of Bloomberg, who put a layer in his newsletter (Power On), and whose information is often found to be correct.

He writes that customers should expect a ” total redesign »At the level of the iPhone 14 and the future iPhone 14 Pro.

According to Gurman, “ minor changes that have been made [entre l’iPhone 12 et le 13, ndlr] mean Apple engineers are working behind the scenes on things that are much more important, and that take longer. It is true that between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, the differences are not the most obvious, even if at the level of the Pro, the technical improvements are really substantial, especially at the level of the video.

The back would no longer have a square area

The other potential novelty brought by the “leak” of Jon Prosser (who is however known to be regularly wrong) is on the back of the iPhone 14: the square area which currently surrounds the sensors on the back of the device. could completely disappear.

Today on the iPhone 12 and 13 for example, the sensors protrude a few millimeters from the rest of the back of the smartphone. To prevent these small circles from being all alone in relief (which could weaken them), Apple integrates them into a square, which then protrudes itself. However, it is possible that the iPhone 14 is slightly thicker in order to absorb this protuberance, and to provide a completely smooth rear rendering.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 14 no longer has this relief on the back (mockup image) // Source: frontpagetech / Jon Prosser

48-megapixel sensor

What if the iPhone sensor went from 12 megapixels to… 48 megapixels? It is the same Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities who addressed the possibility in his brief for September 2021. He did not provide any additional information on the subject, but this lead is surprising, given that the he 12 MP camera has been standard at Apple since… the iPhone X.

A comparison of the technical sheets of iPhone X, SE (2) and 13 // Source: Apple

An iPhone 14 in titanium

Part of the iPhone 14’s chassis may be made of a titanium alloy, a note from JP Morgan Chase, released in July 2021, suggested. uses these materials for the moment only on certain models of Apple Watch (and for… its bank card, the Apple Card).

No iPhone 14 mini

Several of the sources cited in this article agree that there will soon be no new iPhone mini sold by Apple: obviously, sales of the iPhone 12 mini have not been satisfactory (to the point where production lines would have been stopped) so that the brand wants to continue in the long term, after the iPhone 13 mini.

Apple would potentially focus on more “classic” size iPhones, abandoning the pleasant format of smartphones that can fit into all pockets.

Touch ID under the screen would be pushed back

Apple is currently still selling a smartphone model with a round button that links to the home screen, and which allows Touch ID to work: the iPhone SE. Touch ID technology allows the phone to recognize one or more fingerprints, which is used in particular to unlock the smartphone.

However, since the iPhone X and the arrival of Face ID, Touch ID no longer exists on the new models (because there is no longer a physical button on the front of the device). Apple would seek to remedy this by developing a fingerprint sensor under the screen. Only, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, this advance (which already exists on competing smartphones) would have been postponed to 2023 and not 2022.

When will the iPhone 14 be released?

If we follow Apple’s usual schedule and the company keeps its pace, the iPhone 14 range should be presented in September 2022, for the devices to be marketed in the fall. The iPhone 13, for example, was introduced on September 14, 2021, and sold as of September 24.

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