iPhone 15 Pro: goodbye to the SIM card?

There are still almost two years until the arrival of the iPhone 15, in its different versions, but despite this the first rumors are beginning to appear. And although it is still very early (in reality we hardly even know anything about its predecessor, the iPhone 14) and, therefore, their reliability is quite limited, there are some that can point to major changes and that, therefore, they are very interesting, which is why it is worth taking them into account.

And such is the case that we can find today in Gizchina, which states that the iPhone 15 in its Pro version could do without the SIM card slotTherefore, leaving the only possibility to use an eSIM to connect the phone to the cellular network. A change that at first may seem quite radical, but in reality it is nothing more than the verification of a change in which Apple has been working for a long time, and has not done it alone.

Apple has been offering an up-to-date list of operators offering eSIM cards, and the iPhone of the last generations already offer compatibility with them, which coincides in time with the moment in which mobiles began to be multiSIM; that is, to allow two lines to be used simultaneously. And according to this rumor, the iPhone 15 would be a further step in this regard, as this would become the only system to identify the user and allow their connection to the network.

If it were another company, this rumor would generate more doubts, but we are talking about Apple, which over the decades has been a forerunner in eliminating components and functions that, until that moment, were part of the standard of the devices that integrated them. We have the clearest and most recent example in the headphone jack of smartphones, but it also did it before, for example, with external storage media in Macs. So, Apple again take a similar step with the iPhone 15 seems feasible to me.

The only thing that makes me hesitate a bit, although it would not really be a major problem, is that Apple introduces a change that affects the design of the iPhone in the middle of the cycle of the next design. Iphone 12 and iPhone 13 have shared design, so We hope that the iPhone 14 will make a difference in this regard, and that the new line will remain in the iPhone 15. It is true that it is not a very remarkable change (on a visual level, I mean), but still it is striking that they consider doing it at that time.

On the other hand, It is possible that in Cupertino they have decided that it is time to accelerate the implementation of the eSIM, and that instead of proposing it for the iPhone 14, it wants to grant a period of two years (until the arrival of the iPhone 15) for the operators to accelerate its implementation. It will be very interesting to confirm if Apple really makes progress in this regard, although most likely we will still have to wait a long time to confirm it.

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