iPhone 15: the “Ultra” model would not arrive this year, see you in 2024

The iPhone 15 Ultra would not finally arrive this year, Apple would finally wait until the following year to introduce this brand new model even more powerful than the others.

iphone 15 pro max concept
Credits: Antonio De Rosa/ADR Studio

For several weeks now, there have been several reports of the imminent arrival of an “Ultra” model in Apple’s iPhone range. While journalist Mark Gurman originally thought that the iPhone 15 Pro Max would change its name, the latter has finally published a new report which provides more details about the new model.

In a new Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman announces thatApple is reportedly considering introducing the new model in 2024 instead. This means that the 2023 series should be quite similar to last year, with an iPhone 15, an iPhone 15 Plus, an iPhone 15 Pro as well as an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple could release five iPhones in 2024

Rather than renaming the iPhone 16 Pro Max to iPhone 16 Ultra, Apple is reportedly considering adding a third option to its Pro line instead, as some customers are looking for an ever more premium and ever more expensive smartphone every year. This means that Apple would release 5 models next year : an iPhone 16, an iPhone 16 Plus, an iPhone 16 Pro, an iPhone 16 Pro Max and an iPhone 16 Ultra.

Among the special features to expect from this new model, Gurman thinks it could offer some camera improvements, an even faster chip and an ever larger screen. He even evokes the idea that the model has an entirely portless design, without Lightning or USB-C. We’ve been hearing about an iPhone with 100% wireless connectivity for several years now. Like the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there would also be a periscope camera, but we don’t know if Apple could increase the number of photo sensors to 4 on this Ultra model.

By introducing a completely new model, it’s also not impossible that Apple will part ways with its “Plus” model., which seems to have been just as disastrously successful as the old “mini” model. Apple having seen its sales drop in the last quarter of 2022, it is not impossible that the American giant decides to bet entirely on the versions that sell the most, that is to say the Pro models.

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