iPhone antiviruses do not remove viruses, what do they do then?

Apple is one of the safest companies that can exist in the market, in this way, the users of its devices can be calm against the vast majority of existing threats. However, iPhones are not exempt from the famous viruses, which is why there are antiviruses for iOS that, of course, have a different way of acting than what users are used to.

User safety is something that the Cupertino company is very concerned about, in fact, this It is one of the reasons why there are so many updates on iOS on a recurring basis.being one of the main assets present against possible viruses or threats to which iPhone users are exposed.

Along with it, the app store It is another of the great shields that all users have, and it is that Apple makes an exhaustive analysis of each and every one of the applications that are within its store, making it really difficult for one of them to have malicious purposes. This is one of the big differences with Android, whose users can install third-party apps through apk files, which is a great source of viruses and malware.

However, even though iPhone users cannot install third-party apps on their devices, this does not make them exempt from threats that exist within the internet, as there are other ways through which you can be attacked by a virus or cause your iPhone to be infected. This is where the antivirus for iPhone comes into play.

What do antivirus for iPhone do?

As you can well read in the title of this post, antiviruses for iPhone do not remove viruses, but yes they can alert you of their presence in certain placesas well as notify you in case your iPhone is finally affected for one of them. Any user who has an Apple smartphone browses the internet, be it with Safari, Chrome or any other available browser, and it is then when entering different websites that malware can make an appearance, through different links or simply, supplanting the identity of other services. Another source of danger in this case is WiFi networks, since these can be insecure, being a perfect gateway for all those users who want to commit crimes using technology. Finally, SPAM is also usually a very dangerous source where there are a large number of viruses to which any user is exposed.

Using iPhone

For all these reasons, for those users who are more inexperiencedthe use of an antivirus on the iPhone can be a great idea, since although they are not capable of eliminating viruses, given the limitations that Apple puts on all apps to be able to access depending on which sites, they will give you all the information necessary to know if your iPhone is free of them, as well as to avoid being infected by malware that runs through the network.

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